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Throws incredibly fast, 8 shurikens per shot!
~ In-game description

Grandmaster Ninja is the Tier 5 upgrade of Path 1 for the Ninja Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It is a much more powerful version of Bloonjitsu that increases its attack speed by 100% (specifically one shot every 0.217s instead of 0.434s), gains +10 range (from 40 units to 50 units, 57 if 5-0-1), deals greater damage (2 per shuriken instead of 1, but not for Caltrops), and throws 8 shurikens per shot (9 with the DeadlyTranquilityIcon Deadly Tranquility MK) instead of 5.

This upgrade costs $29,750 on Easy, $35,000 on Medium, $37,800 on Hard, and $42,000 on Impoppable.



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Grandmaster Ninja

Compared to its previous upgrade, the Ninja Monkey's clothing is entirely a black-and-grey color scheme throughout his robe, suit, and straw hat, and red for its belt and shades, and its cape is now a red color with a white wavy line covering the bottom end of it. Unlike Bloonjitsu, the Grandmaster's suit now has loose hanging long sleeves. Also gains beige-colored wrist bandages around its entire hands. In the upgrade portrait, the Ninja crosses its arms in an X shape as its holds two shurikens after hurling a spray of eight other shurikens.

Grandmaster Ninja greatly increases the power of its shuriken attacks. These 8-spray shurikens deal extra damage, gains +100% attack speed, and additionally gains extra range too.

Targeting Priorities[]

Grandmaster Ninja targets bloons using the standard targeting priorities. It shoots straight movement projectiles.

  • First: Targets the first bloon visible within its range.
  • Last: Targets the last bloon visible within its range.
  • Close: Targets the closest bloon visible within its range.
  • Strong: Targets the strongest bloon visible within its range.

All Ninja Monkeys can access Camo Prioritization. While Camo Prioritization is active, it allows all its attacks to prioritize Camo Bloons over other types.


Updated as of Version 43.0. Listed prices exclude external buffs, any sacrifices, and Monkey Knowledge.
[Module | Data] Purchase Sell
Costs Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Upgrade (5-X-X) $29,750 $35,000 $37,800 $42,000 -
Total (5-0-0) $33,780 $39,750 $42,930 $47,700 $23,646 $27,825 $30,051 $33,390
Crosspath (5-1-0) $33,990 $40,000 $43,200 $48,000 $23,793 $28,000 $30,240 $33,600
Crosspath (5-2-0) $34,330 $40,400 $43,630 $48,480 $24,031 $28,280 $30,541 $33,936
Crosspath (5-0-1) $34,035 $40,050 $43,255 $48,060 $23,825 $28,035 $30,279 $33,642
Crosspath (5-0-2) $34,415 $40,500 $43,740 $48,600 $24,091 $28,350 $30,618 $34,020

This upgrade's prices (or included crosspath's prices) are affected by the following MK: CheaperDoublesIcon Cheaper Doubles, BetterSellDealsIcon Better Sell Deals



Grandmaster Ninja is a powerful Ninja Monkey upgrade that is highly dependent on numerous external buffs in order to maximize its efficiency. To maximize its power, buffs from up to 20 Shinobi Tactics, continuous Overclock, and a nearby Stronger Stimulant are necessary, along with a hero such as Level 11+ Obyn Greenfoot, Level 3+ Pat Fusty, or Level 15+ Geraldo's Sharpening Stone. With Seeking Shuriken, a highly buffed Grandmaster Ninja excels at hitting large numbers of bloons rather quickly and accurately.

The main use case for Grandmaster Ninja over multiple buffed Bloonjitsus is the capability to focus DPS on a single tower, increasing efficiency of adding single-focused buffs and compressing locally influenced buffs within tight spaces. Extra range that the Grandmaster Ninja gains by default also increases its coverage over wider sections of track, especially in short maps such as #Ouch and Quad.


  • Spam Shinobi Tactics Ninjas around the Grandmaster Ninja to maximise its bloon shredding power.
  • When choosing crosspaths for the Grandmaster Ninja, it is best to choose Path 3 upgrades (Seeking Shuriken and Caltrops) for increased DPS output, allowing the fast powerful shurikens to hit targets more often. Path 2 upgrades (Distraction and Counter-Espionage) give Grandmaster an okay support option. But for most situations, Path 3 is superior, provided there is a Shinobi Tactics army around the Grandmaster Ninja, as such an army already provides Path 2 benefits anyways.
  • With the DeadlyTranquilityIcon Deadly Tranquility MK, the Grandmaster Ninja throws 9 shurikens, further increasing its power.
  • Note that it still cannot pop Lead Bloons, so add towers that can pop leads and/or DDTs, or even give the Grandmaster Ninja lead-popping power.
    • The only three ways to give the Ninja lead-popping power are through Monkey Intelligence Bureau, Acidic Mixture Dip, or Gwendolin's Heat It Up. Usually, MIB would be needed, especially on short maps, as Heat It Up and Acidic Mixture Dip are not reliable enough on their own to give Grandmaster with the needed lead-popping power (except with Permanent Brew).
  • Because a Grandmaster Ninja attacks quite quickly, it may wear out Stronger Stimulant buffs quite fast, though the Version 13.0 attack speed nerf to the Grandmaster Ninja means a plain Grandmaster Ninja can sustain an Alch buff for longer.
    • While Stronger Stimulant gives the Grandmaster Ninja a short-lived boost in DPS, especially when paired with a multitude of attack speed buffs, Permanent Brew will allow it to consistently pop Lead and quadruple its damage against MOAB-Class bloons while also increasing its range. Plus, this will also improve any nearby Shinobi Tactics for even more stat boosts.
  • In CHIMPS, the saveup to Grandmaster should involve a Bloonjitsu + multiple Shinobis within range of discount villages. The number of Shinobis prior to Grandmaster Ninja may vary depending on strategy. Normally afforded by between R81-84 to deal with early freeplay waves.
  • In terms of Geraldo synergies, Gerry's Fire and Sharpening Stone (especially Level 15+, which grants bonus damage) is the best. Likewise, Level 19+ See Invisibility Potion helps out its DDT-popping if lead-popping is present. Jar of Pickles is favorable specifically versus Fortified rounds with the upgraded Jar of Pickles, although not so good when given other additional tower buffs or bloon debuffs.
  • Glue Strike and Glue Storm work well with Grandmaster, as the added bloon debuffs greatly increases Grandmaster's DPS, especially when buffed greatly, plus the benefit of countering DDT's Lead properties.

Version History[]

Balance Changes[]

Grandmaster Ninja gained a pierce buff in Version 9.0 due to its former inefficiency compared to multiple Bloonjitsus, ignoring physical space. However, Version 11.0 buffed Shinobi Tactics to also provide nearby Ninjas with bonus pierce, which further boosted Grandmaster Ninja. In Version 13.0, Grandmaster Ninja was reworked to synergize less when combined with stat bonuses such as Alch buff, Shinobi spam, and Pat Fusty's Rallying Roar. It still remains a viable option on CHIMPS strategy when paired with Shinobi spam and Pat Fusty's Rallying Roar.

  • BUFF Grandmaster Ninja has +2 pierce for all attacks.
  • BUFF Grandmaster Ninja damage increased from 1 to 2
  • NERF Grandmaster Ninja attack rate reduced from 0.1 to 0.217
  • NERF Grandmaster Ninja pierce reduced from 6 to 4
As ninja is the 'Camo Specialist' and has been since inception, it is the only tower that will unlock Camo Prioritization on the base tower. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
Ironing out Caltrop inconsistency & power a little on top and bottom T5s, but also as frequently unused caltrops clutter up the screen and cause extra lag we want to balance out their lifespan to reduce the number always on screen and make them no longer last longer than the base Spike Factory. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF 5-0-2 Caltrops pierce increased 5 → 6
  • NERF Grandmaster Ninja range decreased from 47 to 40, due to the Ninja Discipline range nerf. Does not affect 5-0-1 crosspath.

Bug Fixes and General Changes[]

Extra Notes (Version History)[]


Official artwork[]



  • The Grandmaster Ninja attack speed is about 2 times faster than Ninja Discipline or roughly 3 times faster than the base tower.
  • Grandmaster Ninja plus Shinobi Tactics has been used in Version 11.0 and later to beat Quad CHIMPS, after the damage nerf to The Biggest One.
  • This has been used in two different Two Towers CHIMPS combos, with Permanent Brew (now impossible after Grandmaster's nerf in Version 13.0) and Wizard Lord Phoenix (Main hard Round was 100, wasn't beaten until 11.0 because there wasn't enough DPS against the BAD; also was the first combo completed on Version 11.0).
  • The damage buff that the Grandmaster Ninja receives does not affect the Caltrops attack from the 5-0-2 crosspath. In addition, there was a bug where the caltrops have 5 pierce instead of 6 despite attacking at the same base rate of 4.4s. The Caltrops pierce bug was fixed in Version 36.0, but speed and damage unchanged.
  • According to June 17th 2022 Blog, Grandmaster Ninja is currently unbeaten in chess.
    • This is a reference to the real life title of Grandmaster to chess players who have reached an elo rating of 2500 and have three grandmaster norms (favorable outcomes) in international competition.
  • The 5-0-2 Grandmaster Ninja has roughly 184.68 DPS with Deadly Tranquility, but without it, it has about 164.16 DPS, which means that the Monkey Knowledge Point gives a 20.52 increase in DPS. Therefore, the Monkey Knowledge Point increases the Grandmaster Ninja's DPS by approximately 12.5%.