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Monkey Money cost to enter Races is reduced by 10%.
~ In-game description

Grand Prix Spree is an upgrade in the Powers Monkey Knowledge Tree, first introduced in Version 22.0. It reduces the cost of all Race Event entries by 10%, which is usually a saving of BloonjaminsIcon10 each. This includes Race Events where MK is disabled. It requires 10 points to be invested in the Powers Knowledge Tree, Budget Cash Drops, and BloonjaminsIcon1000 as an one-off purchase.



Viable for players who grind Race Events, saving Monkey Money from repeatingly buying extra attempts. There isn't much strategy for this MK except in the saveup for this point; it costs at least BloonjaminsIcon1750 due to additionally needing FitFarmersIcon Fit Farmers and BudgetCashIcon Budget Cash Drops alongside other Power MK. Grand Prix Spree should be a low priority compared to other MK upgrades, though it can be invested in if desiring a long-term saving for Race Event attempts.


  • Do not buy this upgrade unless you play Race Events very competitively. Instead, you generally should hold off buying this MK unless other Knowledge Trees are at least almost filled up.
  • On most weeks, Race Event entries cost BloonjaminsIcon100 each, but sometimes it can drop to less.
  • It takes 100 Race Event entries to break even the cost of unlocking the MK with the one-off Monkey Money purchase, assuming that race event entries are not temporarily lowered for a certain week. It increases to 175 entries if accounting for total cumulative Monkey Money costs towards Grand Prix Spree.



  • If using speedups are not considered Powers, Grand Prix Spree is the second MK to involve exclusively Monkey Money and nothing for towers or powers, the other being Mo' Monkey Money.