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For more information in the original Adventure Time series, see Googoomamameter

A detailed analysis of bloon weaknesses causes them to take +3 damage.
~ BATTD description

Googoomamameter, is an Epic Trinket (super rare before 1.0.4) in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It applies a debuff to all bloons in the wielder's range that increases the damage from all damage sources by +3. As this is a debuff, even if attacks cannot benefit from sources of extra damage, they will still deal +3 damage per hit (like most trinket attacks as well as Princess Bubblegum's Jellybeans Have Power). This debuff does not stack on top of itself, so the most amount of damage players can gain per hit is +3.


Googoomamameter is a hexagonal ring case with a bunch of crystals that appear to cause bloons to become more vulnerable.


  • This trinket works best for a support Princess Bubblegum build, since she can be built for good range, and towers don't need to be in her range to get the damage boost, while also adding another support capability to her.
  • This can also be equipped on Supermonkey as he has effectively global range with Sun God with Dark Temple Idol, or Tuxedp Jake as he is a stronger support character than PB.

Version History[]

  • NERF Googoomamameter rarity now changed from Super Rare to Epic
  • NERF Googoomamameter no longer affects BADs
  • NERF Googoomamameter no longer stacks its effect
  • Change Googoomamameter now allows bloons in range of equipped character to be dealt +3 damage instead of double damage.
  • BUFF Googoomamameter now affects BADs



  • There are two other trinkets (CryoJet, Margaret's Music Box) that provide an Influence debuff just like Googoomamameter, except they slow down bloons instead of making them take more damage.
  • Googoomamameter used to not affect BADs, likely because of the potency of double damage. This was changed in Version 1.4.1, where the BAD now can be affected by +3 damage, similarly to how the BAD is able to be affected by Super Brittle, Cripple MOAB, and Glue Storm vulnerabilities in BTD6.