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God-Boosting is a term used to describe buffing a single powerful tower with every means possible. This applies mostly in BTD6, as there are various buff types available in the game, but can be applied in almost any BTD game.

Bloons TD 6[]

How to "God-Boost":


Towers that cannot receive god-boosts:

Bloons Adventure Time TD[]

Supermonkey's Sun God upgrade is the most powerful attack in the game, and the most expensive.
~ Cuber's tip when loading a part of BATTD

In Bloons Adventure Time TD, there is one upgrade in particular, Supermonkey's Sun God ability, that is considered the most powerful upgrade in terms of raw power in the game.

Recommended characters (preferably all at Level 10) and items for best results:

  • Supermonkey (main tower being boosted, place at/near the center of the map)
  • Jake (buffs Sun God with Instrument)
    • Weapon: Golden Viola (for early game eco and beyond plus 10% speed boost)
  • Princess Bubblegum (Regal Presence upgrade boosts Sun God's range and pierce)
  • Marceline (buffs Sun God with Instrument)
    • Weapon: Devil Monster Bass (for damage; stacks with The Lover)
      • Trinkets: Hambo (reduces Sun God cost by 50%)
  • Tuxedo Jake (buffs Sun God with Instrument and upgrades; generates cash)
    • Weapon: The Lover (since Tuxedo Jake is not too much of an offensive hero; stacks with DMB)
  • Warrior Bubblegum (reduce cost of allies)
  • Captain Cassie (loot idols with Treasure Hunter)
    • Trinkets: Jetpack (place in any non-water map)


  • Super Fans (needed for Sun God)
  • Lemonhope (upgraded to at least Beautiful Melody for best speed boost)
  • COBRA (cooldown reduction on powers and other abilities)


  • Party Time

In addition, Max's Bullseye ability is also subject to god-boosting via increased dart quantity per throw and speed boosts.