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This sticky trap will slow the first 300 Bloons that go over it before it disappears.
~ BTD6 description

Glue Trap icon

Glue Trap is a Power in Bloons TD 6. Glue Trap applies soaking glue onto up to 300 bloons passing through it, slowing them down by 50% and lasting for up to 30 seconds. Each Glue Trap lasts indefinitely until fully used up. When the SupersizeGlueTrapIcon Supersize Glue Trap MK is unlocked and active, Glue Traps can glue all MOAB-class bloons except BADs or Bosses, though each blimp consumes greater amounts of glue. In the Contested Territory it becomes Relic Knowledge, and up to 2 Glue Traps can be used per game.

The glue status inflicted by Glue Trap is not overridden by Glue Gunners' glue. Instead, their effects coexist, so that for example, Corrosive Glue can attack and corrode bloons affected by the Glue Trap.

It costs BloonjaminsIcon50 to purchase one Glue Trap.



It can be used on the early rounds to slow down the Bloons so your monkeys can pop them with a small amount of popping power so you save up for a more powerful upgrade. The forced slowdown of Glue Trap also helps clump up bloons so that explosive or other area-of-effect attacks can make use of maximum pierce, as well as help prevent certain attacks from missing bloons.

It can be useful during ceramic rushes (especially Round 63) to significantly slow the ceramics down.


  • It can be used on Workshop to substantially slow down bloons to a more manageable speed.

Contested Territory Tips[]

  • The Relic Knowledge variant from Contested Territory grants the player two uses of Glue Trap, which are effective on both Least Cash and Least Tiers to provide more time for towers to attack bloons. This is especially useful when using slow-firing area-of-effect towers.
  • On Boss tiles, this power is generally only good when needing to minimize timer penalties and/or slow down a specific clump of Bloonarius Minion Ceramics.
  • A strong use case for Glue Trap in Leash Cash involves greatly slowing down incoming bloons from Round 63, making that notorious bloon rush round less of a threat.

Version History[]

  • BUFF Glue Trap now glues more bloons (100 → 300)
  • NERF Glue Trap now costs more (BloonjaminsIcon25 → BloonjaminsIcon50)


When placing a Glue Trap:

When placing a Glue Trap with Honey Bee Trap active:



  • This is probably a buffed version of Monkey Glue because this version glues 15 times as many bloons compared to Monkey Glue.
    • However, it now costs Monkey Money instead of in-game money.