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Glue Supply Depot

Glue Supply Depot is a Specialty Building for the Glue Gunner. It was released on July 5th. It costs Monkey Dollar2500 to completely upgrade the Specialty Building (Monkey Dollar3750 in Mobile).

Compared to the Ice Fortress, the Glue Gunner is good on the aspect of directly slowing down bloons and getting the expensive corrosive path-1 upgrades or getting maximum glue power. The Ice Fortress, however, allows Ice Monkeys to freeze for longer (tier-2) and freeze all types (tier-3). Both Specialty Buildings are related to slowing to avoid overuse of combinations of Ice Monkeys and Glue Gunners. Despite this, a 2/2 Ice Monkey could still be used in conjunction with a 2+/2+ Glue Gunner and still make pretty good bloon stopping.



Monkey Glue (from Glue Supply Depot)

Glue Supply Depot Status

  • Initial cost is Monkey Dollar750
  • Second upgrade costs Monkey Dollar750
  • Third upgrade costs Monkey Dollar1000
  • (Bloons TD 5 Mobile only) Fourth upgrade costs Monkey Dollar1250 (Glue slows Bloons down by an additional 15%)



  • Glue splats last for ~70 seconds if left undisturbed, but will disappear immediately when a round ends.
  • When Bloons leave Glue on the track with level 3, the Glue is always yellow even if a Bloon Dissolver or Bloon Liquefier shot it. It Dissolves/Liquefies what passes through it though.
  • 1 splat of glue can glue 1 bloon, making it less effective than people would think.
  • The glue only splatters when a Red Bloon (from any bloon, though) pops.
  • There is a 50% probability (measured in BTD5) to drop a puddle when indivisible bloon is popped. When glued Rainbow Bloon/Ceramic Bloon offspring are popped, the statistical expectation of puddles generated is not 4 * 0.5 = 2 but still 0.5. Only the first zebra bloon is able to make a puddle. Zebra Bloon and Lead Bloon offspring also are affected by this. So, glue can not propagate by popping Rainbow Bloons.
  • The glue puddles look similar to Monkey Glue from BTD 2-4.
  • The glue puddles cannot glue Camo Bloons, even if the Glue Gunner has something granting it Camo detection, except in Bloons TD 5 Mobile. Glue does splat on the track if a Camo Bloon is popped, however.