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Glue Strike ability: Glues all Bloons on screen, causing them to take more damage from all sources while it lasts.
~ BTD6 Description

Glue Strike is the fourth upgrade of Path 2 for the Glue Gunner in Bloons TD 6. It unlocks the Glue Strike Ability, which when used causes glue to rain down all over the screen, gluing all non-MOAB-class bloons on screen for a short time, and causing all affected bloons on screen to take in +2 damage, and render Leads vulnerable to any damage type. This ability sticky glue soaks up to 6 layers (all with Glue Soak). Adding Corrosive Glue allows the main attack and ability to stick to and attack MOAB-class bloons too. If crosspathed with Corrosive Glue, ability glue applies a damage-over-time that deals 3 damage per 2s. Cooldown for the ability is 30 seconds.

It costs $2,975 on Easy, $3,500 on Medium, $3,780 on Hard, and $4,200 on Impoppable.



Glue Strike wears a yellow tight suit that covers the whole body, Glue Hose and Glue Storm also wear these yellow tight suits. Glue Strike has green eye lenses (Glue Hose and Glue Storm do as well) that come straight out of the suit. Glue Strike has 2 black gloves that have white rings around the wrist. On its back, it has a very large glue tank that is connected to the body with straps. The most noticeable part of his art is the giant glue hose that is holding it up from all of the glue that is coming out.


Glue Strike adds an ability that causes all glueable bloons on screen to receive glue that soaks up to 6 layers and causes them to be temporarily vulnerable to +2 damage and temporarily lose Lead properties. Adding Corrosive Glue allows the main attack and ability to stick to and attack MOAB-class bloons too. Its main attack is statistically equivalent to Glue Hose.

Glue Strike's main glue is considered a Level 1 glue, unless given unless given higher-tier glues, specifically with Corrosive Glue. Higher-tier upgrades can override this glue. Glue Strike's damage debuff on bloons is apparantly separate from the glue prioritization system, but such a status effect appears to not work if used with Upper Path 1 Glue Gunners or Upper Path 3 Glue Gunners. 2-4-0 Glue Strike's corrosive strike glue does self-synergize with the debuff, dealing 3 damage every 2.0s.

Targeting Priorities[]

Glue Strike's main attack targets bloons using the standard targeting priorities. Its main attack shoots straight movement projectiles.

  • First: Targets the first bloon visible within its range.
  • Last: Targets the last bloon visible within its range.
  • Close: Targets the closest bloon visible within its range.
  • Strong: Targets the strongest bloon visible within its range.

Glue Strike's ability targets all non-blimp bloon types across the whole screen, and because it has infinite pierce this attack has no specific targeting priority. Adding Corrosive Glue allows gluing of all bloon types.



Glue Strike's ability is rather simple in concept, gluing all regular bloons currently on screen to slow them down, but it additionally comes with the benefit of making them all temporarily more vulnerable to increased damage from all other attacks. Addition of other towers is beneficial to take advantage of the weakened bloons.

Crosspathing is beneficial with Glue Strike, and the most favorable crosspath is usually with Corrosive Glue (2-4-0). With this crosspath, it can be used to deal heavy damage-over-time to bloons and cause MOAB-class to become temporarily vulnerable as well. The alternate crosspath with Stronger Glue, although less favored, is still useful if regular bloons, specifically Super Ceramics, need to be slowed much further.


  • Glue Strike ability now causes all glued Bloons, including MOAB-class if crosspathed with Corrosive Glue, to take +2 damage while glued. Because of this, this upgrade is useful for providing an extra debuff to all currently active blimps and bloons on screen, making an extra source of bonus damage besides support towers that grant only tower buffs (e.g. Berserker Brew's damage buff from Alchemist). Regardless, it would still be more worth further upgrading to Glue Storm for a greatly extended ability duration.
  • Version 17.0 makes the 2-4-0 Glue Strike ability viable when countering Regrow Bloons before Super Ceramics appear (Rounds 81+), because the Glue Strike ability with Corrosive Glue crosspath is able to damage the Regrows faster than they can regenerate.
  • Glue duration is halved on MOAB-class bloons, which means the 2-4-0 Glue Strike ability glue will only last for 5.5 seconds on MOAB-class bloons. Even still, it's a worthwhile option for providing extra damage for MOAB-class bloons currently on screen.

Version History[]

Taking inspiration from the Glue Storm buffs, Glue Strike had also gained the +2 damage vulnerability onto bloons to make the Glue Strike ability usable on early mid-game scenarios, especially when countering Regrows. It received another buff that allowed abilities of both 2-4-0 and 0-4-2 crosspaths to become more usable at two very different support roles.

  • Buff Glue Strike ability now causes glued Bloons to take +1 damage
Glue Strike currently allows for 240 crosspath to hit MOABs with 042 being more Ceramic focused but losing the Glue Soak from top path hurts against lower layers, so we've increased the base amount of layers glued by Strike & Storm so that it won't expire on non-MOABs so quickly. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Glue Strike ability glue now soaks more layers (3 --> 6)
Glue Strike doesn't seem to hold up to any other option in a similar role, so we've doubled down on its support factor with a new role and are hoping for more synergy to emerge there.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Glue Strike ability now weakens Lead Bloons, allowing them to take damage from any damage type
  • Buff Glue Strike bonus damage taken while glued increased from +1 → +2

Description changes[]

  • Change Description changed from "Glue Strike ability: Glues all Bloons on screen." to the current description.


When activating Glue Strike Ability:


Official artwork[]


  • On Medium Difficulty, the Glue Strike upgrade costs $2000 less than what it was in BTD5.
  • The Glue Strike ability soaking buff added in Version 22.0 is designed to make the 0-4-2 crosspath better for bloons, specifically before Super Ceramics.
  • The new Version 24.0 Glue Strike ability description is currently lacking a period at the end of the description. The description used in this article correctly adds it in.