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Glue Storm ability pelts the whole screen over 15 seconds with glue. Glued Bloons take extra damage while glued.
~ BTD6 Description

Glue Storm is the final upgrade for Path 2 for the Glue Gunner in Bloons TD 6. It allows the glue of the Glue Strike ability to keep reapplying every 2 seconds over 15 seconds. In addition, the ability glue lasts twice as long, has double the slowing power (75% slow for x-5-0 or 0-5-1, 87.5% slow for 0-5-2), and can soak through up to 9 layers of non-MOAB-class bloons (pretty much a full soak, except Regrows, since Ceramics are considered 9 layers despite having multi-HP shells). The cooldown for the ability is 30 seconds, alongside a 10-second initial cooldown prior to initial use upon purchase.

As of Version 8.0, all Bloons affected by the Glue Storm's ability glue now take in +1 damage, similar to Embrittlement, though the ability will only glue MOAB-class bloons with the Corrosive Glue crosspath as of Version 10.0. Glue Storm will now vastly increase the overall power of high-attack high-projectile towers such as Comanche Commander or Sun Avatar towards Bloons that become vulnerable by Glue Storm ability.

It costs $12,750 on Easy, $15,000 on Medium, $16,200 on Hard and $18,000 on Impoppable.


The Glue Storm tower adds a third glue tank to the Glue Gunner and makes the suit orange instead of yellow. There are also four smaller hoses on the glue tanks.


When used, the hoses will extend outwards and flail around to give the impression that they are spraying glue everywhere, while the screen is bombarded with glue for 15 straight seconds. Bloons will be glued every 2 seconds during the ability, making it apply a total of 7 times throughout an ability use. All Bloons affected by the ability will be vulnerable to +1 damage.



Glue Storm improves the potential of the Glue Strike ability by soaking through all non-MOAB layers and producing storms of glue every 2.0s for up to 15 seconds with twice the duration and double the slowdown. With the Corrosive Glue crosspath, the ability allows all towers to deal extra damage to bloons and blimps soaked by the ability.


  • In almost all cases, the 2-5-0 crosspath is superior, as this is the only crosspath that will allow MOAB-class bloons to be affected by the ability, in order to utilize its +1 damage vulnerability debuff to all affected bloons. Only use 0-5-2 if the main weaknesses are Super Ceramics.
  • It is extremely effective when coupled with Super Monkeys or other quick-firing towers, as it essentially adds +1 to every tower's damage, equivalent to Pat Fusty's Rallying Roar but covering the whole screen. Other effects that add bonus damage (including Alchemists, Super Brittle, and Cripple MOAB) only affect a few towers or Bloons at a time. Coupled with Glue Storm's short cooldown and long length, it makes for a cheap way to boost all your units.

Version History[]

Once considered one of the worst Tier 5 upgrades in the game, Glue Storm had been given a series of buffs in earlier updates. The most significant buff that allowed it to become relevant in practical scenarios was in Version 8.0, allowing the ability glue to inflict vulnerability to affected bloons. Version 10.0 nerfed it slightly by fixing a bug that prevented only the 2-5-0 to apply onto MOAB-class, but is still useful to this day.

  • Buff Ability duration increased (TBA seconds → 10), adds extra slow, and has a shorter cooldown (TBA seconds → 30).
  • Buff Cost reduced ($18,000 → $15,000)
  • Buff Ability duration increased (10 → 15)
  • Buff Bloons caught in the storm will now take an additional +1 damage while glued. Applies to bloons glued via Glue Storm ability only.
  • Buff Glue Storm ability can now affect MOAB-class bloons regardless of crosspaths.
  • Nerf Glue Storm ability no longer glues MOAB-class without the Corrosive Glue crosspath.
Glue Strike currently allows for 240 crosspath to hit MOABs with 042 being more Ceramic focused but losing the Glue Soak from top path hurts against lower layers, so we've increased the base amount of layers glued by Strike & Storm so that it won't expire on non-MOABs so quickly. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi, mostly referring to Glue Strike
  • Buff Glue Storm ability now soaks more layers (3 → 9)


When activating Glue Storm Ability:

  • [Consecutive glue splatting]


Official artwork[]


  • The Glue Storm Power in Bloons TD Battles Mobile uses the same sound effect as the Glue Storm ability in BTD6.
  • On Version 16.0, the description was changed such that part of the description "... Glued Bloons take extra damage while glued." is added to the end of the main description.
  • Even after the visual effect of glue raining over the whole screen is no longer in effect, the Glue Gunner still has its tubes waving around. This indicates the ability is still applying glue on new bloons every 2 seconds.