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Splatters glue across up to 6 Bloons per shot.
~ In-game description

Glue Splatter is the second upgrade of Path 2 for the Glue Gunner in BTD6. It allows the Glue Gunner's glue blobs to splat on impact. Once a glue blob collides with a bloon, it produces an area-of-effect that splatters glue onto up to 6 bloons per splatter (8 with the More Splatty Glue Monkey Knowledge).

It costs $1,530 on Easy, $1,800 on Medium, $1,945 on Hard, and $2,160 on Impoppable.



Glue Splatter allows the glue to affect many more bloons per shot by creating an area-of-effect. It is a very expensive option for the early game, especially compared to its tier status, but its crowd control can be very effective. The greatest value of Glue Splatter comes from adding crosspaths.


  • Glue Splatter changes the projectile from a typical one to a impact projectile with a resulting explosion radius. This means that Bigger Globs can pierce through multiple bloons while Glue Splatter's projectile will stop at the first bloon it hits. It is very situational, typically depending on whether the bloons are thinly spread enough to not be affected by Glue Splatter, and even then, it also depends on the specific round where glue support is needed.
  • Like many Primary upgrades, it is recommended to combine Glue Splatter with the Top Path Monkey Village, as the Glue Gunner can save money on a few upgrades and receive powerful buffs. In particular, Primary Expertise removes all cost of Glue Splatter, making the Glue Splatter upgrade an excellent crowd control for super cheap.

Version History[]

It costs cheaper than it did in BTD5, but otherwise there has not been significant changes besides fixing a few quirky interactions when interacting with Glue Splatter as it is a simple upgrade.

Initial release (compared to BTD5)
  • Buff Cost of Glue Splatter decreased ($2200 --> $1800)


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  • Glue Splatter is the most expensive Tier 2 or lower Primary Monkey upgrade.