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Affects a large area around impact, soaking up to 20 bloons at once.
~ BTD4 description
Instead of glueing 1 bloon at a time, splatters 6 bloons at a time.
~ BTD5 description

Glue Splatter is the final upgrade for the Glue Gunner in BTD4 and the second upgrade on path 2 in BTD5. It allows the glue to splatter in the impact, glueing 6 (20 in BTD4) bloons at a time. In BTD4 it costs $2,550 on Easy, $3,000 on Medium and $3,240 on Hard, and in BTD5 it costs $1,870 on Easy, $2,200 on Medium, $2,375 on Hard and $2,640 on Impoppable.


Gleu Splatter Icon

The upgrade Icon for Glue Splatter

Gives a red suit.

Glue projectiles now produce a splatter on impact, creating a splash of glue surrounding the location it collided at.



In BTD4, Glue Splatter is an excellent method of mass-gluing bloons to slow them down and chip away at the damage via Corrosive Glue. As Ceramics can't be slowed in BTD4, at least the Flash version, the entire Glue Gunner including this upgrade becomes quite redundant in much later rounds. However, it works wonders on mid-game rounds where there are lots of bloons. Its pierce is massive, at 20, allowing huge groups of bloons to nearly stop at their tracks.

In BTD5, Glue Splatter is highly expensive and has much less pierce as it has in BTD4. It costs very expensive and generally isn't worth pursuing unless going for a higher-tier Glue Gunner. Otherwise, multiple Glue Gunners with respective lower-tier Path 1 upgrades is simply better.


  • As this changes projectile type to splat on impact, placement for Glue Splatter would mean it would be effective to put it in a place where bloons congregate.
  • There is a way to duplicate splatters by using Monkey Fort. This can be performed only in mobile versions of BTD5 generation games, except Bloons TD Battles Mobile and Bloons TD Battles Steam, and it causes even more splatty coverage, and becomes exceptionally better when aimed along straight lines.

Version History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)[]


BUFF Glue Splatter price decreased ($2200 → $1500).


BUFF Glue Splatter price decreased ($1500 → $900).


NERF Glue Splatters no longer duplicate when the tower is under an influence of a x/1 Monkey Village.

  • BUFF Glue Splatter price decreased ($900 → $600)


  • While this upgrade is terrific for popping and thinning out regular Bloons in the early game, it becomes nearly useless when blimps come in larger quantities, as it can't affect them. This is unless it is placed perfectly where Ceramic Bloons start appearing from MOABs (like next to a 4/x Bloonchipper), as a Glue Gunner with Bloon Liquefier and Glue Splatter upgrade can take care of everything.
  • A good strategy is to use this tower (with this upgrade) until about Round 50. Then sell this tower and use the money to buy new towers or upgrade old ones.
  • The tower is wearing the same clothes as a Laser Cannon, although it is visibly smaller.
  • In BTD4, the Glue Splatter can splat many more Bloons than in BTD5. This is probably due to being a final upgrade and the fact that it has two glue guns instead of one. Since you can get the Glue Hose in BTD5, this makes sense.
  • Corrosive Glue is much more effective if you upgrade to this on BTD4, as up to 20 bloons can be affected at a time.
  • BTD4: Splatters up to 20 bloons, however you can only get Corrosive Glue, (pops bloons once every 2 seconds).
  • BTD5: This can only splatter up to 6 bloons, however, you can make the glue pop once every 2 seconds, twice every second, or ten times every second!
  • A 0/2 Glue Gunner wears suits, possibly to avoid the mess of the sticky glue.
  • The artwork in BTD5 HD and BTD6 is opening his mouth, then in contrast in BTD5, he is closing his mouth calmly but in BMC he is showing his teeth.
  • It costs 63% cheaper to purchase Glue Splatter in BTDB Mobile than in the rest of the BTD5 franchise (assuming Medium Difficulty on BTD5, assuming no Monkey Knowledge Packs or Favors and Restrictions on BMC).
  • The cheapest possible Glue Splatter in pre-BTD6 games is a $540 cost for the upgrade alone in BTDB Mobile.
  • The Glue Gunner with this upgrade, along with the Sniper Monkey with Deadly Precision , appears at about 0:42 in this video: