For the BTD5 counterpart, see Glue Hose (BTD5).
Shoots glue 3x as fast!
~ BTD6 Description

Glue Hose is the third upgrade of Path 2 for the Glue Gunner in BTD6. It allows the Glue Gunner to shoot three times as fast. Each blob splats on impact and can glue up to 6 bloons per splatter, a property inherited from the preceding Glue Splatter upgrade. Again, similar to all Glue Gunners without Upper Path 3, it can attack MOAB-class bloons if Corrosive Glue is also bought for the Glue Hose.

It costs $2760 on Easy, $3250 on Medium, $3510 on Hard, and $3900 on Impoppable.



Glue Hose serves as a suitable method of slowing large groups of regular bloons with its high-pierce glue splatters. It can be bought with Corrosive Glue to make it penetrate through all layers of regular bloons while allowing it to gradually chip away against bloons, or it can be bought with Stronger Glue as a reliable slowdown against Super Ceramics.


  • Always crosspath Glue Hose with either Path 1 or Path 3. There is little purpose for adding glue with neither soaking nor extra slowdown for such a high price. Each crosspath has their significant unique benefits and drawbacks, so choose the right crosspath that will benefit the defense as a whole in the long-run.
  • Both crosspaths for Glue Hose are equally as useful for different situations. 2-3-0 is useful for slowing and damaging grouped bloons on rounds before Round 80, such as Rounds 55 or 63. On the other hand, 0-3-2 is far superior as a late-game option for slowing down Super Ceramics on Rounds 81+.
  • For rounds up to Round 80, using a 2-3-0 Glue Gunner ensures that all stronger regular bloons and their layers are slowed down as the rest of the defense begins to chip away the many layers of bloon. Corrosive Glue additionally helps with extra damage against grouped bloons, and it will pop up to 4 layers in total within the 11-second glue duration.
  • For Rounds 81+, using a 0-3-2 Glue Hose is a viable option for slowing groups of Super Ceramics, but note that its relatively low pierce might not make it the best option against large hordes of Super Ceramics, usually originating from masses of exploded blimps via Unstable Concoction. Pair with an Arctic Wind if possible, to allow additional time for all the Super Ceramics to become all glued, or multiple 0-1-2 Ice Monkeys if short on budget.
  • As with all Glue Gunners, it can now target MOAB-class bloons if Corrosive Glue is bought as well. However, it can also prevent other Glue Gunners from targeting MOAB-class bloons if coated with said glue, though stronger solvent glues (Bloon Dissolver, Bloon Liquefier, and The Bloon Solver) can easily override any Glue Hose glue.
  • It costs $6420 for a 0-3-2 Glue Gunner without discounts ($295 + $110 + $1945 + $3510 + $130 + $430).



  • This upgrade is one of few upgrades that attacks exactly 3x faster than their predecessors, the others being Overdrive and Semi-Automatic.
    • Artillery Battery used to attack exactly 3x faster than Heavy Shells, but this is no longer the case due to a buff to its attack speed (4x instead of 3x).
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