The Glue Gunner is a really good tower for slowing bloons down.


  • The Bloon Solver is an excellent choice for dealing with bloons. Use the 502 crosspath for best effect.
  • Glue Hose is an excellent support tower that will slow down essentially all bloons in its range. 1+30 crosspath helps more before superceramics, but 032 will be stronger for superceramics.
  • Glue Storm slows down bloons while providing a global +1 damage which is very strong when comboed with the right tower. 250 crosspath will affect MOABs.
  • MOAB Glue is one of the best support towers in the game, being very cheap and checking DDTs while providing immense support on other rounds too. 00+3 crosspath for best effect, depending on how many bloons you want to hit.


Strategy 3Edit

It is generally best placed near the start of a track or around a strong tower. Late into the game though, you might actually want to place a glue gunner in the middle of the track.

Glue Gunner

The basic level 1 Glue Gunner.

Strategy 4Edit

It becomes near-useless in the mid-game rounds when there are very large amounts of bloons, until the Glue Splatter or Glue Hose upgrade is purchased. One Glue Gunner is not as effective in the middle rounds, so it is recommended that you have a couple of these all upgraded to Glue Splatter at least.

Strategy 5Edit

A deadly strategy is to put a glue gunner near the exit (the moabs will be popped) and upgrade it to 2-3. Then put a 3-2 ice tower next to it, and virtually no bloons (except moabs) can get through. This is for round 60+. It works very well with the glue gunner upgraded to 3-2 as well. You might think it does not have time to glue all bloons but it really does, since the ice tower which slows down the bloons quite a lot, gives it more than enough time.

Strategy 6Edit

Sell your Glue Gunner once you have passed round 85 in Bloons TD 5, because the only bloons that'll come are M.O.A.B.s, B.F.B.s, Z.O.M.G.s and Ceramic Bloons, but by then you should have towers strong enough to pop Ceramic Bloons with ease.

Strategy 7Edit

Getting Bloon Liquifier or Bloon Dissolver instead of a Super Monkey in the earlier rounds can be considered.



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