Shoots a glob of glue at bloon, slowing it down. Ceramic bloons can be glued but will not be slowed by it.
~ Bloons TD 4 Description
Shoots a glob of monkey glue at a single bloon. Glued bloons move more slowly than normal.
~ Bloons TD 5 Description
Shoots a blob of sticky glue that slows Bloons down by 50%.
~ Bloons TD 6 Description

Glue Gunner is a monkey tower making its first appearance in Bloons TD 4. It also appears in Bloons TD 4 Expansion and Bloons TD 5. It slows down bloons to 50% speed (40% for Glue Hose, and 30% with Glue Striker Ability, Flash only) by shooting them with globs of glue. It costs $230 on Easy, $270 on Medium, $290 on Hard, and $325 on Impoppable. In BTD4, Ceramic Bloons can be glued but won't be slowed by it. In other games, the Glue Gunner can slow down Ceramic Bloons.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Main article: Glue Gunner/Strategies

Bloons TD 4[edit | edit source]

Easy Medium Hard

Stickier Glue
Makes glue last much longer.

$100 $120 $130

Glue Soak
Glue soaks through all layers of bloons.

$170 $200 $215

Corrosive Glue
Glue eats through bloons, dissolving them every 2 seconds.

$255 $300 $325

Glue Splatter
Affects a large area around impact, soaking up to 20 bloons at once.

$2550 $3000 $3240
Total Sell Amount $2664 $3136 $3388
Total Cost $3330 $3920 $4235

BTD4 Glue Gunners.png

The Glue Gunner and all of its upgrades (left to right) in Bloons TD 4.

Bloons TD 5[edit | edit source]

Path 1 Upgrades[edit | edit source]

BTD5 Glue Gunner P1.png Easy Medium Hard Impoppable

Glue Soak

Glue soaks through all layers of bloons.

$170 $200 $215 $240

Corrosive Glue

Makes the glue become corrosive, popping bloons every 2 seconds while glued.

$255 $300 $325 $360

Bloon Dissolver

Glue contains an extreme solvent that melts bloons. While glued, bloons will pop twice every second.

$2805 $3300 $3565 $3960

Bloon Liquefier

Pops bloons once before glueing. Contains a super strong dissolving glue that pops bloons ten times every second!

$10625 $12500 $13500 $15000
Total Sell Amount $11268 $13255 $14315 $15908 ($18136 with path 2 upgrades)
Total Cost $14085 $16500 $17820 $19885 ($22670 with path 2 upgrades)

Path 2 Upgrades[edit | edit source]

BTD5 Glue Gunner P2.png Easy Medium Hard Impoppable

Stickier Glue

Makes glue effect last much longer.

$100 $120 $130 $145

Glue Splatter

Instead of glueing 1 bloon at a time, splatters 6 bloons at a time.

$1870 $2200 $2375 $2640

Glue Hose

Shoots glue more than x3 faster!

$2765 $3250 $3510 $3900

Glue Striker

Glue Strike Ability: Glues all bloons on screen.

$4675 $5500 $5940 $6600
Total Sell Amount $7711 $9071 $9795 $10888 ($11368 with path 1 upgrades)
Total Cost $9580 $11270 $12170 $13610 ($14210 with path 1 upgrades)

Differences Between BTD5 Flash and BTD5 Mobile[edit | edit source]

Buff.png Glue can slow down Ceramic Bloons.

Buff.png Glue Splatter can create 2 splats at a time when the Glue Gunner is under the influence of an x/1 Monkey Village.

Nerf.png Glue hose splat 6 bloons at a time instead of 12.

Nerf.png Glue Striker slows bloons down to 50% instead of 40%.

Update History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)[edit | edit source]

Glue Gunner was considered to be one of, if not the weakest towers in Bloons TD Battles Mobile, due to a lack of camo-affecting and MOAB-class-affecting capabilities, as well as the upgrades being far too expensive for their effect on bloons. Because of this, it has been drastically buffed, especially the upgrades that involve more popping power. But despite these buffs, there are still no popular loadouts that use the Glue Gunner. Now in 6.6, they can hit MOAB-class when upgraded to Tier 3 or higher, but for half the slowdown (33%) and half the duration.


Buff.png Glue Hose price decreased ($3250 → $2200).

Buff.png Bloon Liquefier price decreased ($12500 → $6000).

Buff.png Glue Striker price decreased ($5500 → $4000).


Buff.png Glue Splatter price decreased ($2200 → $1500).

Buff.png The Glue Projectile the Glue Gunner shoots has a larger hitbox.


Buff.png Glue Splatter price decreased ($1500 → $900).


Buff.png Glue Strike price decreased ($4000 → $2500).

Buff.png Bloon Liquefier splat radius increased by 25% and splats more (6 → 10) when Glue Splatter is also bought.


Buff.png Tower price decreased ($270 → $225).

Buff.png Glue Soak price decreased ($200 → $150).

Buff.png Bloon Dissolver price decreased ($3200 → $2900).

Nerf.png Glue Gunner projectiles and Glue Splatters no longer duplicate when the tower is under an influence of a Monkey Fort.


Buff.png Glue Splatter price decreased ($900 --> $600)


Buff.png Glue Gunner can now hit MOAB-class bloons when upgraded to Tier 3 or above. Slowdown value on MOAB-Class bloons, however, was bugged so it slows and lasts as long as it does on regular bloons than what was intended (50% duration and 33% slowdown)


Nerf.pngBugfix: Glue Gunner's glue now lasts half as long on MOAB-Class bloons.

Buff.pngNew bug: Glue slowdown on MOAB Class bloons is now increased (50% → 66% slower (instead of the intended 33%))

Bloons TD 6[edit | edit source]

The Glue Gunner in Bloons TD6 has been improved. As an unupgraded tower, its basic glue shots can now soak through 3 layers of bloon instead of just 1 and can be applied to MOAB Class bloons, provided MOAB Glue or Corrosive Glue is purchased. Upgrading to Glue Soak allows the soaking of all layers, just like the original version. Upgrading it to Corrosive Glue or higher can also damage MOAB-Class, enhancing its use in gameplay capabilities, but it cannot slow them down without the MOAB Glue upgrade.

The Glue Gunner still keeps the main appearance of the tower from other games: A monkey holding a big hose shooting blobs/globs of glue at bloons and slowing them down. However, there're some differences to the tower. The tube connected to the hose now has a greener colour and shadings, which makes it more realistic. The yellow glue container now has an extra mini rope which acts as a strap for the monkey to wear it like a backpack, there appear to be screwed on the metal band around the container, and the hose is spewing glue in the artwork but it shoots a blob in other games' art while the gameplay itself is still the same. Otherwise, there are little changes, if any to the tower.

The Glue Gunner is classed as a Primary class tower.

Path 1[edit | edit source]

Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Unlock XP

Glue Soak
Glue soaks through all layers of Bloon.

$170 $200 $215 $240 150

Corrosive Glue
Glued Bloons pop one layer every few seconds.

$255 $300 $325 $360 550

Bloon Dissolver
Extreme solvents melt two layers every second.

$2,805 $3,300 $3,565 $3,960 2,500

Bloon Liquefier
Liquefies Bloons by popping them 10x every second.

$5,950 $7,000 $7,560 $8,400 9,000

The Bloon Solver
Bloons a problem? Here's the solution.
(Liquefies Ceramics and MOAB-class 3x faster than Bloon Liquefier)

$20,400 $24,000 $25,920 $28,800 37,500
Total Sell Amount

Tier 4: $6,591

Tier 5: $20,871

Tier 4: $7,752

Tier 5: $24,553

Tier 4: $8,372

Tier 5: $26,516

Tier 4: $9,303

Tier 5: $29,463

Total Cost

Tier 4: $9,415

Tier 5: $29,815

Tier 4: $11,075

Tier 5: $35,075

Tier 4: $11,960

Tier 5: $37,880

Tier 4: $13,290

Tier 5: $42,090


Path 2[edit | edit source]

Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Unlock XP

Bigger Globs
Can coat 2 Bloons per shot.

$85 $100 $110 $120 120

Glue Splatter
Splatters glue across up to 6 Bloons per shot.

$1,530 $1,800 $1,945 $2,160 900

Glue Hose
Shoots glue 3x as fast!

$2,760 $3,250 $3,510 $3,900 2500

Glue Strike
Glue Strike ability: Glues all Bloons on screen.

$2,975 $3,500 $3,780 $4,200 8,500

Glue Storm
Glue Storm ability: pelts the whole screen over 15 seconds with glue.

$12,750 $15,000 $16,200 $18,000 25,000
Total Sell Amount

Tier 4: $5,306

Tier 5: $14,235

Tier 4: $6,248

Tier 5: $16,748

Tier 4: $6,748

Tier 5: $18,088

Tier 4: $7,497

Tier 5: $20,097

Total Cost

Tier 4: $7,580

Tier 5: $20,335

Tier 4: $8,925

Tier 5: $23,925

Tier 4: $9,640

Tier 5: $25,840

Tier 4: $10,710

Tier 5: $28,710


Path 3[edit | edit source]

Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Unlock XP

Stickier Glue
Makes glue effect last much longer.

$100 $120 $130 $145 130

Stronger Glue
Slows down Bloons even more.

$340 $400 $430 $480 600

Improved glue formula allows it to stick to MOAB-Class Bloons.

$2,720 $3,200 $3,455 $3,840 2,500

Relentless Glue
Popped Bloons that were glued, leave a blob of glue on the track.

$2,550 $3,000 $3,240 $3,600 8,000

Super Glue
Glue so strong it temporarily immobilizes all affected Bloons!

$29,750 $35,000 $37,800 $42,000 30,000
Total Sell Amount

Tier 4: $4,162

Tier 5: $24,987

Tier 4: $4,897

Tier 5: $29,397

Tier 4: $5,285

Tier 5: $31,745

Tier 4: $5,877

Tier 5: $35,277

Total Cost

Tier 4: $5,945

Tier 5: $35,695

Tier 4: $6,995

Tier 5: $41,995

Tier 4: $7,550

Tier 5: $45,350

Tier 4: $8,395

Tier 5: $50,395


Version History (BTD6)[edit | edit source]

Initial (compared to BTD5)
  • Buff.png 2xx Glue Gunner can now target MOAB-class bloons with the Corrosive Glue upgrade.
  • Nerf.png Base Glue Gunner is now more expensive ($270 --> $275)
  • Buff.png x2x Glue Splatter costs less ($2200 --> $1800)
  • Buff.png x4x Glue Strike (previously named Glue Striker) costs less ($5500 --> $3500)
  • Nerf.png x4x Glue Strike now requires a short initial cooldown before initial usage.
  • Buff.png 4xx Bloon Liquefier costs less ($12500 --> $7000).
  • Change balloon.png Several changes in path placement of the upgrades; some upgrades are moved to different paths.
  • Buff.png Base Glue Gunner can now slow down Ceramic Bloons on both the mobile and desktop versions.

Balance Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Buff.png x5x Glue Storm lasts longer (TBA seconds → 10), adds extra slow, and has a shorter cooldown (TBA seconds → 30).
  • Buff.png x5x Glue Storm cost reduced ($18,000 --> $15,000)
  • Buff.png x5x Glue Storm ability duration increased by 5 seconds more than normal. (10 --> 15)
  • Nerf.png xx3 MOAB Glue cost increased ($2500 --> $3200)
  • Buff.png 5xx The Bloon Solver deals more damage to Ceramics and MOAB-class (+1 --> +2)
  • Buff.png x5x Glue Storm bloons caught in the Glue Storm will now take an additional +1 damage while glued.
  • Buff.png xx5 Super Glue costs less ($40k --> $35k)
  • Nerf.png xx5 Super Glue slowdown percentage on MOAB-class decreased (100% --> 90%)
  • Change balloon.png xx5 Super Glue deals damage on MOAB-class upon impact (0 --> 50). Will harm infinite stalling but will increase normal damage.
  • Buff.png xx5 Super Glue pierce increased by +5
  • Buff.png xx5 Super Glue now completely stuns MOABs and DDTs
  • Buff.png xx5 Super Glue now applies extra slow to BFBs (90% slowdown --> 95%)
  • Buff.png x4x Glue Strike's ability now also causes glued Bloons to take +1 damage
  • Buff.png 3xx Bloon Dissolver cost reduced ($3,300 → $2,700)
  • Buff.png 4xx Bloon Liquifier cost reduced ($7,000 → $6,500)
  • Buff.png 5xx The Bloon Solver now fires 2 projectiles per attack
  • Nerf.png 5xx The Bloon Solver splash pierce reduced (11 → 4)
  • Nerf.png 510 The Bloon Solver splash pierce reduced (12 → 5)
  • Nerf.png 520 The Bloon Solver splash pierce reduced (15 → 9)

Bug fixes and other changes[edit | edit source]

  • 2xx Corrosive Glue upgrade will now last the correct duration on MOABs
  • Buff.png x25 Super Glue with Glue Splatter now correctly has more pierce (5 → 6).
  • Change balloon.png 2+xx Corrosive Glue will now correctly apply Glue Soak to bloons when replacing a weaker glue that is already on a bloon
  • Glue Gunner should now work correctly on Chutes
  • Buff.png x25 Super Glue with Glue Splatter should correctly stun all regular Bloons
  • Nerf.png x5x Glue Storm ability no longer glues MOABs without 2xx Corrosive Glue

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Glue Gunners work best at track starts and junctions, slowing and sometimes popping bloons. Powerful upgrades include: Glue Soak, Corrosive Glue, Glue Splatter, Glue Striker.
~ BMC Flash description

Gallery[edit | edit source]

BTD5[edit | edit source]

BTDB Mobile[edit | edit source]

BTD6[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This (along with the Ice Tower) is arguably the worst starting tower in BTD5 and before, that is if no upgrades are bought.
    • In BTD6, the Ice Monkey can be used to start on certain maps due to its ability to pop bloons, however most starts are quite specific.
      • In the BTD5 generation series, the tower is also pretty much worthless past round 46 when the first MOAB shows up. Slightly more useful in BTD Battles since V6.6
        • This is only true in past BTD games. BTD6 and BTD Battles allow the Glue Gunner to hit MOABs.
  • Artwork + Knowledge Book in BMC

    Most upgrades for Glue Gunner in BTD4 have two containers of glue, but in BTD5 this tower mostly has 1.
  • Although it doesn't slow down Ceramic Bloons (except in the mobile versions of BTD), it can still damage them after Corrosive Glue has been bought. Bloon Dissolver destroys a whole Ceramic Bloon in 5 seconds, while the Bloon Liquefier can destroy a whole Ceramic Bloon in just 1 second.
    • It can still glue Ceramic Bloons, even without Corrosive Glue.
      • Even without Glue Soak, it can still glue Ceramic Bloons before it breaks, even though it has absolutely no effect.
    • In BTD6, this no longer applies.
  • In BTD5, the bloon cannot be glued by other glue before it is stripped or the glue wears off. This means that, when using any of the corrosive glue upgrades, it is a good idea to wait until a new tower can be upgraded to the same level as the rest.
    • In BTD6, a glued bloon can be glued by another glue gunner, replacing the other glue.
  • In Bloons TD 5 Mobile, when the glue gunner is upgraded to Bloon Dissolver or Bloon Liquefier, it is not wearing a gas mask (not referring to the official art). Instead, it is still wearing safety goggles like the Corrosive Glue Gunner.
  • The monkey next to the Mortar Tower when you upgrade to Bloon Buster or The Big One wears the same clothes as a Glue Hose, and the monkey next to the Dartling Gun when you upgrade to Laser Cannon wears the same clothes as a Glue Splatter.
  • In Bloons TD 4, the Glue Splatter upgrade gives the monkey 2 hoses but in BTD5, this does not apply.
  • A Glue Gunner with Bloon Liquefier pops an entire Ceramic Bloon in just 1 second, not 1.7 seconds because Bloon Liquefier pops bloons once before gluing.
  • The Glue Gunner is almost essential for completing the Bloontonium Lab track by placing one on each the 3 entrances, upgraded 2/1.
  • Note that, similarly to most BTD5 Path 2 Final Upgrades, there is no difference in power between Upgrades 3 and 4 except for the Special Ability.
    • This used to be true until Ninja Kiwi buffed this tower to slow bloons even more with the 3rd and 4th upgrade on path 2: Glue Hose slows to 40% while Glue Striker slows to 30%. In mobile, this does not occur.
  • In BTD4, look hard enough and you will see a tail sticking out of the glue gunner's right side. In BTD5, this has been fixed.
  • Glue Gunners without Glue Splatter are very effective when the target priority is Strong.
  • The Glue Gunner has as much range as an unupgraded Super Monkey.
  • In BTD4, glue gunners can shoot at M.O.A.Bs, but not pop them, but in BTD5, they don't shoot at them at all.
    • In Bloons Monkey City, the Bloonarius boss bloon can be targeted by the Glue Gunner but will not be affected.
    • Glue gunners will target Moab-class Bloons in BTD6, but not pop them with the exception of a few upgrades
  • The Bloons move extremely slowly when an Arctic Wind Ice Tower, a Sabotage Supply Lines ability, and a Glue Striker works together. All of this combined can make a Lead Bloon and/or Red Bloon slower than a Z.O.M.G.
  • Path 1 upgrades improve its ability to pop bloons while Path 2 upgrades improve its ability to glue multiple bloons at a time. Path 3 focuses on slowing bloons down even more, as well as gluing MOAB Class Bloons.
  • Sometimes in BTD4 Corrosive Glue will not pop bloons when Fast Forward is activated.
  • In the BTD5 Deluxe tech tree, the Glue Hose image is switched with the Glue Striker image.
  • According to Bloons Monkey City, the Glue from Glue Gunners come from a plant called Sticky Sap. This plant has an ability that acts the same as Glue Striker with Corrosive Glue on.
  • In BTD5, 1/0 and 0/1 glue gunners look the same.
  • Tier 2 upgrades make the body of the glue gunner almost completely covered. At tier 3 the face gets covered.
  • There is a bug in BTD4 where corrosive glue pop ceramic shell in one hit. This has been fixed in BTD5.
  • Due to the fact that Regen Bloons take slightly slower to regen as Corrosive Glue takes to damage Bloons, having Regen Bloons hit with Corrosive Glue somewhat nullifies their ability, though slowly damaging them overall.
    • To an extent. The corrosion is slightly faster than the regenerative ability of the bloons, so a yellow Regen can be popped with just Corrosive Glue and Stickier Glue. However, using this is extremely dangerous against Blacks, Whites, Zebras, and Rainbow Regens, as they split into two, and then regenerate back one step before popping again. This quickly multiplies the number of Regen Bloons on the track.
  • This is the only Tower, besides Banana Farm, that never damages MOAB Class Bloons. (at least until BTD Battles and BTD6)
    • The Ice Tower and Bloonchipper can't damage MOABs at first, but they can deal with a lot of damage to them with Ice Shards and Super Wide Funnel respectively.
    • The Mortar Tower can stun MOAB-class bloons temporarily if the Pop and Awe ability is activated from an Artillery Battery.
    • This is because MOAB-class bloons are immune to glue. If this immunity is removed, Glue Gunners will not target MOAB-class bloons, but with Glue Splatter can glue them.
      • Sometimes, the bloon gets glued for a split-second before the game removes the glue.
  • In Bloons TD 6, each 5th tier upgrade has a different suit. In Path 1, the monkey wears a green Class-B hazmat suit with a gas mask connected with an oxygen tank meaning the fumes are very toxic. In Path 2, the monkey wears an orange mask with two windows for eyes. In Path 3, the monkey wears a black (sort of metallic) Class-C hazmat suit.
  • In BTD6, by the end of path 1, the glue becomes green, by the end of path 2 the glue remains yellow, and by the end of path 3, the glue becomes pink.
  • In BTD6, the monkey has noticeably darker fur than other monkeys.
  • In BTD6, the Glue Gunner is the only tower that changes poses from Tier 1 to Tier 2.

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