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Glorious Gold
Pop 500 Golden Bloons
~ BTD6 description

Glorious Gold is an Achievement in Bloons TD 6, introduced in the 26.0 update. To earn the achievement, the player must pop 500 Golden Bloons. Completing the achievement rewards BloonjaminsIcon150 and an Insta-Monkey of a Sniper Monkey with Semi-Automatic (0-0-3).


Simply pop as many Golden Bloons as possible. For the best results, play Hard or Impoppable on only Beginner Maps and use a strategy that primarily uses Ice Monkeys and non-corrosive Glue Gunners. It is the most grind-driven Golden Bloon achievement in the whole game; expect up to 8 per game of Impoppable with a perfect strategy.


  • It takes 63 games of perfectly executed Impoppable Golden Bloon farming to obtain this achievement. Assuming it takes 30 minutes to complete an Impoppable game from start to finish, this is equivalent to 31.5 hours of gameplay grinding Impoppable.
  • Alternatively, completing 4 games of Easy will result in 8 Golden Bloon pops, with slightly less game time and much less attention required compared to 1 game of Impoppable, as the round 21-30 Golden has no properties and the round 31-40 Golden is only camo, and both have low hit points. You'll need:
    • 012 ice near the front, ideally at a curve or intersection in the track, with 020 village for camo support by r31.
      • Multiple 012 ices, or a 032 ice, and/or a 320 village can help, but a single 012 ice can solo a Golden Bloon if the 012 ice hits at least once.
    • A minimal amount of support near the back, enough to pop everything that gets by the ice monkey, but with limited range so as not to interfere with the ice monkey re-freezing the Golden Bloon.
      • Examples: 301 ninja + 300 alchemist, or 023 sub (+200 alchemist), or 320 spactory.
      • With Benjamin's Bloon Trojan, the r40 MOAB won't spawn children once popped, and successfully completing r40 isn't even required for Golden Bloon purposes.
    • For long-time players with excess monkey money, burning an early cash drop means going AFK that much faster.