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Marceline is resting, clear out the Bloons so she can rest in peace.
~ Adventure description

Glob Save The Queen is an adventure in Bloons Adventure Time TD, located in Badlands. It is unlocked once players complete the adventure Something's Fishy. It contains 4 maps: Bridge and Tower, Desert of Wonder, Wrecked Boat, and Giant Skull. Completing all maps on any difficulty (previously Extreme difficulty only) unlocks Marceline.


These are rewarded upon completing Bridge and Tower, Desert of Wonder, Wrecked Boat, and Giant Skull on their respective difficulties.

  • Normal: TBA
  • Hard: TBA
  • Extreme: TBA
  • Impoppable: TBA


Intro transcript[]

[Finn (top left) and Max (bottom left) arrives]

Finn: [pointing with left hand] Marceline's over there! We have to get to her.

[Finn looks around, frowning]

Max: [thinking] Hang on Finn, something's not right. Transparent Bloons?

Marceline (right): Yeah, those were red, I was hungry.

[Max is normal]

Finn: [scratching head] We came to rescue you...

Marceline: [indifferent] Rescue me? As if, Finn.

Finn: Huh. Oooh Kaayy then. You wouldn't mind if we clear out these Bloons before we go?

[Finn is normal]

Marceline: [shrugs] Whatever.

Outro transcript[]

[PB (left) appears with sunscreen]

PB: Marceline, you can come out now. Take this sunscreen, it's SPF 10,000,000.

Marceline (right): [with pen and notebook in her hands] Fine, I just finished the lyrics to my new song anyway.

[PB reappears normal; Max (bottom left) joins]

Max: [sneers] The Bloons are terrorising Ooo. A vulnerable, defenseless young lady such as yourself shouldn't be out here alone.

Marceline: [returns as a giant demonic bat] Vulnerable?!? Defenseless?!?

Max: [closes eyes and puts hands out, turning away] Aaaaahhhh!!

[Max looks around frowning]

Jake (bottom right): [in the shape of underpants with legs] Hahaha don't worry, Monkey boy. I got you covered.

Jake: You've just been introduced to Marceline the Vampire Queen.



  • SPF means Sun Protection Factor, a measurement of the amount of UV (ultraviolet) rays blocked by the applied sunscreen for every ray that passes through.
  • The outro still only triggers when the player completes this adventure in Extreme difficulty.