Grants super intelligence, or at least the appearance of super intelligence, along with a range boost and camo detection.
~ BATTD description.
Glasses of Nerdicon

The Glasses of Nerdicon (for Adventure Time info, see here) is an Epic Trinket in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It has some character restrictions, letting any character equip it except Ice King.


The Glasses of Nerdicon is a pair of nerdy glasses that supposedly have magical powers.


  • Speed: N/A
  • Range: +9
  • Damage: N/A
  • Pierce: N/A

Special PropertiesEdit

Shard for: 1000


Glasses of Nerdicon is an excellent range trinket for any character (except Ice King), including those that already detect camo via upgrades. In particular, Glasses of Nerdicon is by far the most superior range trinket that exists in the game, allowing maximization of utilizing other items such as Googoomamameter bonus damage effects on bloons, Thought Cannon Wand reward effects (for Wand users), and any other items that benefit strongly from extra range.

Version HistoryEdit

  • Change balloon Glasses of Nerdicon now has +9 range instead of +10% range +2% per star.
  • Nerf Glasses of Nerdicon can no longer be equipped to Ice King.


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