Bloons made of glass. What madness! They're immune to your tech weapons, Super Monkey, but my research can help.
~ Dr. Monkey

The Glass Bloon is a bloon that only appears in Bloons Super Monkey 2. It is made of glass and immune to the upgrades in the tech path (including lasers, plasma, whips, etc.) unless research is used. Taking up to 14 hits to pop, any less will result in a bloon spawning. The bloon spawned may be anything up to and including Zebra Bloons, although Lead Bloons will not be spawned.

In the mobile version of the game, the glass bloon is also immune to Storm weapons, but only the arm weapons.


  • It is hard to tell the difference between a Shielded Glass Bloon and a normal Glass Bloon, especially if it is in a group of Glass Bloons.
  • The Purple Bloon in BTD6 is the successor of the glass bloon, being immune to fire, energy and plasma.
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