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The chosen weapon of the fabled Glaive Lords. It orbits the wielder, popping any bloon it touches.
~ BATTD description
Glaive of the Ancients b

Description before potentially buying the trinket

The Glaive of the Ancients is an Epic Trinket in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It has no character restrictions, letting any character equip it.


Special Properties[]

  • 3 glaives orbit the character.


Helps FP reduce amounts of bloons she will have to pierce, but only when she is as high as 8 stars, before that you got trinkets to equip. Put her point blank if you place her above of track and there if you have to place her anywhere else, put medium footprint (Finn, FB, Marceline, Jake, C4 Charlie) charecters between her and track with a medium footprint charecter standing point black to track. It's optional and you can use damage upgrades on her instead.

About footprint of charecters. Max, Supermonkey and Sam have small footprint. C4 Charlie and PB have medium-large footprint. Cassies are obviously have large footprint. All others have medium footprint. Charecters to put between FP and point blank track placement are medium and medium-large preferrably.