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Throws glaives instead of boomerangs - they're sharper and faster.
~ BTD5 Mobile description
Throws glaives instead of boomerangs - they're sharper, faster, and more poptastic.
~ BTD5 Flash description
Throws sharper, faster, bigger glaives instead of boomerangs.
~ BTD5 Steam description

Glaive Thrower is an upgrade for the Boomerang Thrower between BTD3 and BTD5, which allows the Boomerang Thrower to throw Glaives instead of Boomerangs. Glaives are capable of popping up to 8 Bloons at a time in Bloons TD 3 and up to 12 Bloons at a time in Bloons TD 4 and Bloons TD 5. It is the Boomerang Thrower's third upgrade in Bloons TD 4 and second upgrade on the first path in Bloons TD 5. Glaive Thrower also provide a slight increase in attack speed (6.4% increase, but increased to 25.7% with bionic boomerang).

In Bloons TD 5, it costs $240 on Easy, $280 on Medium, $300 on Hard and $335 on Impoppable.


BTD3 and BTD4[]

The monkey's suit becomes red, and a glaive appears on the monkey's head. Like the boomerang on his head before upgrading, the glaive can pop bloons.

The only major differences in BTD3 and BTD4 are simply graphical changes.

BTD5 and Bloons Monkey City[]

The monkey's suit turns red and on the head it has a blue X. The icon of this upgrade shows a Glaive Thrower happily throwing a glaive in a boomerang-like motion.

Bloons Super Monkey 2[]

This gives Super Monkey a cannon-like glaive thrower. However, unlike the Bloons TD series, these glaives fly straight and home at nearby bloons (like Glaive Riccochet).



  • In BTD5, the Glaive Thrower used to be able to pop an infinite amount of Bloons. Now it can only pop 12 Bloons. This was likely a glitch that occurred in earlier versions of the game.
  • This upgrade is introduced in Bloons Super Monkey 2 as the Radar Glaives upgrade.
  • In real life, a Glaive is a bladed polearm. The "glaives" used by the tower are more similar to shurikens then glaives. This is likely a reference to the movie Krulls, where glaives are 5-pointed thrown weapons that return like boomerangs.