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The bloons might not have been responsible for Ghost Princess' death but she's going to take revenge on them all the same.
~ BATTD description
Pursues bloons and attacks them with a dagger.
~ Short description

In-game info for Ghost Princess

Ghost Princess is a Rare Ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD that costs $800 to place. She attacks similarly to the Heli Pilot, except all of her attacks are melee-based Energy Energy Type (pops Black, White, Frozen) attacks, and as such pops Frozen Bloons but cannot pop Purple Bloons. She is also unable to slow or hit MOAB-class bloons on some occasions. She can be equipped to all Adventure Time characters (except Jake), Supermonkey, and Commander Cassie.


  • Flying, pursues bloons
  • Short range
  • Cost: $800
  • Attack speed: 0.91
  • Damage: 1
  • Damage type: Energy Energy Type (pops Black, White, Frozen)
  • Range: 20 (projects from her base)
  • Pierce: 3


  • Spirit Speed ($250): Ghost Princess can fly much faster
    • Ghostly Vengeance ($450): Settle unfinished business with a much faster attack speed



  • Ghost Princess is one of the only allies that can fly over the track, the other being Tiny Manticore. She shares this ability with Marceline and Hunter Marceline. There is another ally that goes over the track but doesn't fly, Lady Rainicorn.
    • However, if she or Tiny Manticore is brought into a game before bringing in Marceline or Hunter Marceline (both of which are flying heroes in the game) for the first time, the flying characters introduction will not show.
  • Canonically, it was Clarence who killed her.