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The gender of characters in Bloons Adventure Time TD plays an important role in the function of a few items. There are two functioning genders in the game, male and female.

Characters' gender plays no role in any other Bloons Tower Defense game, not even in Bloons TD 6, which has Heroes of clearly defined genders, including genders outside of the gender binary.

Characters by gender[]

Only hero characters may have a gender that affects gameplay. The genders of allies, even if known explicitly from canonical sources like Adventure Time itself (e.g. Lumpy Space Princess or Banana Guards) or menu descriptions (e.g. Sniper Monkey), have no effect.

The following characters are male:

The other characters are female:

Gender-restricted trinkets[]

There are some trinkets affected by the gender of the equipped character in conjunction with the gender of nearby characters.

  • Black Bow Tie, restricted to males. Gives a range and speed boost if the male character has a female in his range.
  • Cursed Ice Ring, restricted to females. Gives a range and speed boost if the female character has a male character in her range. Also gives Ice King the same boosts if he is within range.
  • Mind Games, restricted to males. Reduces ally and upgrade costs by 5% if the equipped male is in a female's range.