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This page contains tips/strategies for Geared.


  • Sniper Monkeys, Heli Pilots, Monkey Aces, Dartling Gunners, and Mortar Monkeys are great towers to use as their range is infinite and can easily beat most, if not all difficulties in Geared.
  • On C.H.I.M.P.S., one of the hardest parts of this map is the early rounds - due to the gear rotating, it is very hard to set up a suitable defense for stronger bloons as the towers move away from the track. Rounds 12, 15, and 19 are the most infamous early game rounds on C.H.I.M.P.S. for this map.
  • Dart Monkeys and other cheap towers can be used to great effect since they balance out their low cost with the ability to place a lot of them, meaning you can better keep up with the towers' rotation.
  • Especially useful for Magic Monkeys Only, a Dark Knight or higher Super Monkey can reposition with its Darkshift ability practically every round to stay at the front line.


  • If you have got 4 Sniper Monkeys (strong), a Benjamin, a Heli Pilot, upgraded with Razor Rotors and Faster Darts (3/0/2), and then upgrade the snipers: 1 with Maim MOAB and Even Faster Firing (4/0/2), 1 with Large Calibre and Even Faster Firing (2/0/2), 1 with just a base upgrade (0/0/0) and 1 with Shrapnel Shot and Semi-automatic (0/2/3), you should probably beat this on Easy.
    • Warning: This Strategy will not be able to pop Camo Lead Bloons on Round 59.
      • Adding multiple snipers (1/1/0) set to strong will be able to take down Camo Lead Bloons.
  • To start C.H.I.M.P.S, you can use one redditor's 10 sniper start: put a single dart monkey at the front on strong and a sniper on strong. On the next round, put another dart monkey at the front on strong. Then buy a new sniper, set it on strong. On round 10, you'll need to put a dart monkey at the front as soon as possible set on strong. Keep buying snipers. The fourth sniper you will buy mid-round during round 13, keep it on first. Keep buying snipers set on strong until you have 9-10. You'll then need to upgrade on to camo and one to pop lead. You'll be able to afford your hero around round 29 depending on which one you pick.
  • Another chimps strategy for geared that works effectively is the geraldo + snipers + carpet of spikes strat. For this, your start will be as follows. R6: Dart monkey on the front gear, and a sniper placed somewhere on the map (Strong), [Note: It would be suitable its position is 90 degrees to the down right of the dart monkey and placed on the gear part.] If your dart monkey placement is incorrect, you will lose r6 or r7 and will have to restart. By r8, you should be able to get another sniper monkey, and place him adjacent to the other sniper you placed, and set its targetting to strong as well. By R10, you should be able to afford another sniper monkey. Set it to first. It will remain on first for the rest of the game. place it away from the other 2 sniper monkeys, but close enough that when you village, you will be able to hit all of them and 2 alchs will buff 2 of each. When you can get the 4th sniper monkey, place it down adjacent to the third. Soon enough you should be able to afford geraldo (Either it was mid 15, mid 16, or mid 17), and place him down a bit lower than the dart monkey so that when the gear rotates, it will be able to deal with the bloons. By r18, it should almost be levelled up enough to get the glue, (the cost of upgrading should be around $100). Once that comes, upgrade him, and place down the glue on the entrance. This should be enough for you to keep going till r21. You should make sure that autostart is off on r20. Let the gear finish rotating. Once it does, get a druid on the front gear, with thorn swarm. Now you can keep going till r23. Get the druid of the jungle asap. On r24, get the camo detec potion from geraldo onto the druid. Now, you should be able to keep going till r28. Dont forget to keep gluing, and if you're scared of leaks, get 2 spikes from geraldo on the exit. R27 is the cash round. You should be able to afford a village with double monkey commerce. Once you do, get full metal jacket on one of your strong sniper monkeys (preferrably sniper 4). R28 will be easy. You can keep going till r40. Upgrade the 100 sniper monkey to a 103 and 3rd sniper monkey to a 012. This should keep you going for the later rounds, where the strategy can start to branch off into many different variations. My personal recommendation is upgrading your snipers to a cripple moab(strong) (420), elite sniper(first) 052, elite defender(first) 025, and full auto rifle(strong) 204. In the later rounds (~r89) you should be able to get a spike storm with 35k left over. Save that money up for carpet, and buff it with alch. on r93 i had to use a genie bottle, and had to keep spamming smaels on the last 10 rounds so i wouldnt have any trouble with the moabs. R100 was ridiculously easy once you have alchs buffing your towers (420 on the carpet of spikes, 401 on 2 of the snipers, 401 on the other 2 to ensure your snipers would always be buffed up.). In the end, it really is a geraldo carry.