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Our first ever fan-designed, fan-voted Advanced map: Geared! Beware of moving parts.
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~ Version 16.0 description
Bloons travel on the grey path (maybe some sort of raised metal walkway) from left to right.
Towers can ONLY be placed on the larger brown cog.
After every round, the smaller cog rotates around it's [sic] central white pivot causing the larger cog to rotate anti-clockwise (36 degrees?) around it's [sic] virtual green pivot.
One full rotation of the larger cog will be completed every (10 rounds?)
~ Geared original concept description (unmodified)

Geared is an Advanced Difficulty map in BTD6. It is introduced in Version 16.0. It was the winner of the 50,000 Subscribers Milestone Map Competition on the official BTD6 subreddit.


All towers can only be placed on the single gigantic gear and the second largest gear in the middle, and both gears turn every round by 45 degrees clockwise. Therefore, it takes 8 rounds for the gear cycle to rotate back to its original state.

Bloons move from the left end of the path and move towards the right end of the path.


Monkey Money Rewards
Btd6monkeymoney Easy[?] Medium[?] Hard[?] Impoppable[?]
First Time $225
Completed $45


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Concept ArtworkEdit


  • This is the second time a map is introduced from a map competition, the first being Skull Peak from BTD5.
  • Although the competition ended during Version 14.0, the map was released two versions later on 16.0.
  • While playing Sandbox Mode on this map, tapping the Play Round button will automatically spin the gear when the round number is not 1.
  • The only towers that do not visually show being rotated are Spike Factories, Banana Farms, Monkey Villages, Sun Temple bases, Benjamin (starting from Version 16.1), Prince of Darkness (starting from Version 17.0), True Sun God bases, and Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey bases. Their positions will still change with the gear, however.
  • The first Geared CHIMPS was announced on Reddit on this link. The strategy there involved a combination of The Biggest One, Perma-Spike, and Support Chinook.
  • It is often considered to be the hardest Advanced Map in BTD6, due to how many adjustments are required to adapt to the changes in placement of each of the towers per round. Other candidates include Pat's Pond, Peninsula, High Finance, and Cargo.
  • On the concept description, the central gear was planned to rotate 36 degrees per round, which means it would rotate to the same rotation every 10 round. It was, however, scrapped in favor of 45 degrees per round (and same rotation every 8 rounds) in the official release of this map.

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