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Pass Park Path on Medium with no more than 5 towers or agents on the field at one time!
~ Description
Full House Mission

Full House is a Special Mission in BTD5 unlocked at Rank 10. As the description implies, players need to complete Park Path on Medium with no more than 5 Towers or Special Agents on the screen at once. Completing it rewards Monkey Dollar150 and AwesomeIcon20, while Bloonberry Bushes, Pineapples, Road Spikes, and Super Monkey Storms are disabled.


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  • A Monkey Village with Radar Scanner is useful because it's very likely that in the later rounds players will lose their lives from Camos.
  • If players are playing on BTD5 Deluxe, on BTD5 Steam, or on BTD5 iOS, it is recommended to buy Monkey Engineers, as they can build Sentries along side with the tower to help defend the bloons.
  • As Round 63 is approached, it's best to prepare to get 5 Super Monkey Plasmas or an Arctic Wind and Monkey Intelligence Bureau. There will not be any Camo Bloons in Rounds 63 to 69 because on Medium, players only need to complete at least Round 65 to pass.
  • Using at least 2 Farms up to 4/2 can be extremely beneficial, especially when the time comes to sell them.
  • Pontoons are disabled in this mission.



  • "Full House" is based upon the poker name for having a pair and a triple (which in total is 5 cards). This can be further evidenced through the description art of the Special Mission.
  • It is possible to continue with Freeplay Mode once the mission is complete. However, mission rules still apply.