Fully automatic weapon with incredible popping power
~ BTD6 Description

Full Auto Rifle is the fourth upgrade of Path 3 for the Sniper Monkey in BTD6. It allows the Sniper to shoot 2x as fast as the Semi-Automatic, which is ~15.4x faster than a normal Sniper. In addition, it can pop Lead Bloons without additional upgrades. It costs $4,035 on Easy, $4,750 on Medium, $5,130 on Hard, and $5,700 on Impoppable.



While the Full-Auto seems like an enticing tower, there are in fact better towers. While it does a fair amount of damage to MOABs, it comes with the cost of releasing hyperclumped bloons when MOABs are not on screen. When attacking Ceramics, a 2/0/4 Full Auto releases 16 hyperclumped yellows, which can overwhelm weaker defenses. Its damage is also limited by the fact that it can only damage a single bloon at a time, which harms its total DPS compared to Arcane Spike or Sun Avatar. The main advantage, however, is that it never misses its target provided that the Sniper has clear Line of Sight.


  • The 2/0/4 upgrade is usually better than the 0/2/4 upgrade in terms of damage.
    • As of 17.0, 0/2/4 is much better for group popping power due to the changes to Shrapnel Shot.



  • In BTD5 Flash, purchasing Semi-Automatic Rifle allowed the Sniper Monkey to pop Lead Bloons even without Full Metal Jacket. This was not the case in the mobile versions of the BTD5 generation or in BTD6. However, in BTD6, the Full Auto Rifle adds this automatic lead-popping grant like Semi-Automatic Rifle did in BTD5.
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