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Frozen Bloons are special types of bloons created from freezing bloons. Traditionally, the Ice Monkey (Bloons TD series) or Ice Bloon (Bloons series) is the source of this protective immobile layer. Bloons with a Frozen Bloon coating fully freeze all movement (or partially stop for frozen MOAB-class in BTD6), but they cannot be affected by sharp attacks (except in Bloons Super Monkey 2 Flash and Bloons Pop! where freezing does not add this special immunity). These layers act more like a semi-protective coating, as said coating prevents damage from sharp objects, but it lets all other damage types penetrate through the layers as if the bloon did not have the frozen layer. Unlike regular bloons, Frozen Bloons are only spawned through freeze attacks from the following:

Main Bloons TD series
Bloons Pop!
Bloons Super Monkey 2
Original Bloons series

Frozen Bloons make their first appearance in original Bloons game and every single Bloons-related game, including the Bloons TD series, since. Frozen MOAB-class bloons make appearances only in BTD6, BATTD, and BTDB2.


Frozen Bloons traditionally are defrosted by Bomb Shooters (or in the case of the Bloons series games, the Bomb Bloon), and it is one of the most effective methods of doing so. Try placing sharp-based towers away from Frozen Bloons, as well as adding attacks with the energy, explosion, plasma, fire, shatter (sharp + frozen-popping), or normal ("ambipopstrous", pops any bloon type) damage types, or upgrade existing Ice Monkey(s) to Re-Freeze or above.

Against Frozen MOAB-class, on the other hand, requires fully popping the blimp before the protective frozen layer is broken, at least until the frozen layer naturally defrosts. Frozen MOAB-class do not fully stop (except in BATTD), but instead move at the speed of a normal ZOMG, or move 50% slower for ZOMGs.

In BTD6, Frozen Bloons can be damaged by sharp projectiles with Embrittlement and Super Brittle, which cause all bloons including Frozen Bloons to temporarily receive the Brittle status effect. In BTDB2, Fusty the Snowman Level 2+ allows all sharp attacks to damage Frozen.

In the Bloons games, the Pacman Bloon's Pacman can also pop Frozen.

In Bloons Super Monkey 2, all attacks can pop frozen, but in Bloons Supermonkey 2 Mobile, Darts weapons can no longer pop Frozen by default, now requiring Bloontonium Darts to pop frozen bloons.


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When a BTD5 Frozen Bloon is hit by a non-damaging attack:

When a BTD6 Frozen Bloon is hit by a non-damaging attack:



BTD5 Generation[]

BTD6 Generation[]


  • The Bomb Tower is the only tower in the original Bloons TD game to pop Frozen Bloons, as Laser Vision was not available in that game.
  • In BATTD, frozen MOAB-class actually fully stop in place. Additionally, their entire layers are fully covered in snow, rather than partially covered in snow in the game BTD6.
  • Because the Ice Monkey in BTD6 automatically gains a Snap Freeze attack by default, the only way to freeze a bloon but not damage it in Bloons TD 6 is to use Ball Lightning; this works with any type of bloon including Purple Bloons and Lead Bloons, as both bloons lack any parent. With the "Cold Front" MK, the chance of this non-damaging freeze is increased to 100% as opposed to merely 25%.
  • Excluding Heroes who level up automatically, a 0-0-0 Wizard Monkey is the original cheapest tower that pops Frozen Bloons by default in BTD6, and since the release of Beast Handler has been surpassed by the Beast Handler.
  • In Bloons Super Monkey 2, the only source of freezing bloons comes from powerups that require blops, with no ice weapon type available. This was changed in the Mobile version.
  • The frozen immunity sound was unchanged across games throughout the entire lifespan of the Bloons and Bloons TD series until the release of Bloons TD 6.