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Frosty Fun Map

Frosty Fun on the map

Frosty Fun is the 3rd map zone the player will be able to access in Bloons 2. Bloon Dunes must be completed for it to be unlocked, which allows it to be explored. All levels can be unlocked by buying the Unlock All Levels upgrade in the map page. Purchasing the upgrade also unlocks the Bloons 2 Level Editor.

There are 12 levels in Frosty Fun, numbered 25-36:

  1. Icy Cookie
  2. Watched Pot
  3. Bounce Spike Bounce
  4. Delayed Charge
  5. Bloomin Box
  6. Return Flight
  7. Arctic Explorer
  8. Operation
  9. Up
  10. Robo Chain
  11. Eye Liner
  12. Crushed Petals