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Ice Monkey freezing lots of bloons


Ice Monkey with some Frozen Bloons

Freeze is a status effect characterized by freezing a bloon in place and applying a Frozen Bloon layer on top. It is part of the damage types family. It has appeared since Bloons TD 1, with the release of the Ice Ball (later as the Ice Tower and currently as Ice Monkey).

Freeze is represented on Bloons Wiki as Freeze (standard bloons, unspecified alt variants), the upgrade artwork for Larger Radius in Bloons TD 6, the Ice Monkey upgrade for its base range upgrade, highlighting the widespread freezing effect. There is a MOAB-class variant of Freeze that applies specifically to whether the freezing status effect can affect MOAB-class bloons, marked with this symbol: Freeze (MOAB-class Bloons, unspecified alt variants). The aforementioned is the upgrade icon for Icicle Impale in Bloons TD 6, implying that the MOAB-class bloon was affected by a freeze.

Bloons affected by Freeze will freeze them in place and receive a Frozen Bloon layer on top. In addition to stopping all movement (or most for MOAB-class bloons), bloons with Regrow Bloon properties cannot regenerate while frozen. Freeze cannot stack with other variants of Freeze, but the effect can be refreshed by a Freeze of the same type, and other properties on each freeze can be mixed in a very limited way. Frozen Bloon layers are immune to sharp projectiles, but in Bloons Pop! all projectiles do not have this limitation and therefore can always pop Frozen.

There are only a few sources of Freeze in Bloons TD 6: Ice Monkey, Sentry Expert's Cold Sentry, and Ball Lightning. In Bloons Adventure Time TD, Ice King and Ice Monkey can freeze bloons, and so do special freeze-inflicting trinkets.

Most attacks require an upgrade to apply the Freeze status effect, except the Ice Monkey which has it by default.

If the Freeze Freeze (standard bloons, unspecified alt variants) status effect replaces another Freeze status effect, the status effects dependent on either freeze will stay for the duration. Cases:

  • If Ice Shards hits a bloon with the Icicles Planted Icicles (unspecified variant) status effect, the icicles from Icicles remain and will retain the Shardable Shardable (While duration of this status effect is active, popping the bloon will release ice shards) co-togetherly
  • Conversely, if Icicles hits a bloon with Shardable Shardable (While duration of this status effect is active, popping the bloon will release ice shards) status effect, then the snowball can trigger the secondary effect from Shardable, or otherwise retain Shardable if the snowball deals no damage to the target, but still inflict the Icicles Planted Icicles (unspecified variant) status effect.
  • For Permafrost, any freeze with Permafrost status effect will still keep Permafrost effect until naturally worn out by popping bloon layers.