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You have your first flying character. Rather than staying in one place, these characters will move around the map attacking the Bloons.

You can alter the flight paths of these characters using the targeting options.

~ Cuber's introduction to flying characters when player brings Marceline or Hunter Marceline into a game for the first time

Flying is an attack behavior characterized by a tower or its Sub-Towers being and staying in the air. It is part of the attack interactions family.

Flying is represented in the Bloons Wiki as Flying, the portrait for the Monkey Ace in Bloons TD 6, which is an archetypal example of a tower capable of flight.

Flying allows towers to ignore Line of Sight, and Flying is a subset of Ignore Line of Sight Ignores Line of Sight with the other being Tall Tall.

Most towers and upgrades can't make the tower fly, however, the Monkey Ace and Heli Pilot are the only towers that can fly by default. Any tower that primarily stays on the ground, even jumping or otherwise leaving their feet off the ground temporarily, is not considered Flying.

Examples of Flying[]

  • Etienne, though he himself does stay on the ground, he does control drones that hover in the air, and therefore, Line of Sight, and is considered flying.
  • While the main tower for Aircraft Carrier does not fly, its mini planes do, and because planes fly, and they ignore Line of Sight, the mini planes are considered flying.
  • Wizard Lord Phoenix is a little weird. Its ability allows the Wizard Lord to transform into a Phoenix that flies in the air, but only for a limited time. But it also has a Permanent Phoenix from it's Tier 4 upgrade and it is considered flying.
  • Rosalia can hover above any location within her workshop, in addition to being able to attack through Line of Sight obstacles, starting from Level 7. At this point, she is considered flying.


  • Superstorm is not considered Flying because it doesn't ignore Line of Sight even though it appears to hover above the ground.
  • Sauda's Leaping Sword attack is considered a combination of Lobbing Lobbed Throw and Full Map Range Full Map Range (unspecified description of how the tower can attack beyond basic range) because it only involves launching into the air and landing.