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General Tips[]

  • Always use water towers whenever possible. It is almost impossible without them.
  • Snipers can be used to good effect on the elevated rocks where they can see the path.
  • The best hero to use is either Pat Fusty or Admiral Brickell. Pat Fusty can be placed on water and is better for strategies involving Carrier Flagship + Tack Zone strategies, while Brickell is better with Sub Commander armies.

CHIMPS Strategies[]

  • Always start with a 0-0-0 Monkey Sub on Flooded Valley CHIMPS, with one placed around the lower curve. Set on Strong. Save up for another Monkey Sub as soon as possible.
  • TBA

General Strategies[]

Disclaimer : These strategies are not for Primary Monkeys Only and Magic Monkeys Only gamemodes, since water tower cannot be bought there.

Early game strategy (rounds 1-40)[]

Starting with 0-0-0 Subs is a good idea to begin with. Alternatively, use a hero who can either be placed in water or ignore Line of Sight such as Pat Fusty, Admiral Brickell, Obyn Greenfoot and Adora.

The camos on round 24 and 33 can be beaten with one or two 3-x-x Submerge and Support respectively. It is recommended to place each of them at the topmost and bottommost bend of the map. A 3-2-0 Destroyer or a 2-0-4 Armor Piercing Darts can be really handy in popping the MOAB.

Mid game strategy (rounds 41-80)[]

A pair of 4-x-x bloontonium reactors can easily melt through ceramics and de-camo all bloons, effortlessly beating tight bloons rush like on round 55. Within these rounds, you should be able to buy a 5-2-0 carrier flagship which will destroy the BFB and even trivialize rounds 61-80.

During this time, it is recommended to start buying supporting towers. A 0-4-2 snowstorm on the flagship will provide a large space to place land towers. From there, start building your defense on the ice platform.

An alternative strategy opposed to the flagship one would be to spam 0-3-2 ballistic missiles under a 2-0-5 sub commander buff.

Late game strategy (rounds 81-100)[]

From the flagship strategy : Place a 4-0-2 Primary Mentoring village, a 0-3-1 Unstable Concoction and 0-2-5 Prince of Darkness on the ice platform which will beat rounds 80-90 with relative ease (with occasional needs to activate pat's rallying roar). After this, place a tack shooter on the other deck of the flagship and upgrade it to a 2-0-5 The Tack Zone, which will be at least x3 buffed from pat's rallying roar. This setup should beat rounds 91-99 with these following ability activations.

  • Activate pat's rallying roar on rounds 94, 96, 98 and 99
  • Activate pat's big squeeze on round(s) 97 (and 98)
  • Activate snowstorm on rounds 95 and 99

The cash earned during these rounds will allow you to buy two x-4-x First Strike Capability (persumably within the range of the reactors). Active the first First strike on the BAD bloon as soon as round 100 starts. Then, activate the second one when the BAD is about to pop in order to clear the insides. If all are done correctly, this strategy can even black badge CHIMPS on this map.

From the Sub Commander strategy : Upgrade one of your ballistic missiles into a First Strike Capability and then a Pre-emptive Strike within round 90, which will be popping all DDTs from now on. Continue spamming 0-3-2 ballistic missiles and activate brickell's abilities whenever it is needed (on rounds 94, 96 and 98). Active First Strike twice on round 100 to beat the BAD.

Primary Monkeys Only[]

Among the class-only game modes, Primary Monkeys Only is arguably the hardest to complete, particularly without Pontoons or other Powers. This is because the majority of Primary Monkeys have no cheap way to counter the giant dam, as most upgrades have low-to-medium range, and there are very few options that ignore Line of Sight or make use of the water.

  • Choose Adora or Admiral Brickell. Both work well with the terrain.
  • Top-path Boomerang Monkey makes the most pops out of the minimal range due to Glaive Ricochet allowing it to target other Bloons out of range. Place one on the lower rock closest to the track, the bottom crosspath gives it barely enough range to see the track. Upgrade bottom path once more so it can help either Heroes with Leads.
  • Bottom-path Dart Monkey is necessary for Camo cleanup. Place one on the higher rock closest to the track, then give it the middle crosspath for faster attack rate.
  • The MOAB in the final round may be problematic given the track's short length, not giving the towers enough time to destroy the children also. For that, use a 0-4-0 Bomb Shooter. Make sure to upgrade it sooner than the last round so that its ability has time to get ready. Activate ability to insta-kill the MOAB, leaving nothing behind. The ability ignores obstacles so its placement doesn't really matter.

Magic Monkeys Only[]

The main difficulty of this game mode is the giant dam's size and line-of-sight blocking.

  • Obyn's attacks ignore line-of-sight and can be used as a starting tower. Wall of Trees is effective cleanup, including absorbing MOABs.
  • Guided Magic also ignores line-of-sight, and Druid of the Jungle vines have global reach.
  • X-Ray Ultra MK lets 0-0-2 Super Monkeys see past the dam.
  • Prince of Darkness offers highly effective offense and cleanup that can cover effectively the whole track. It is indispensable for later rounds.