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Floating Islands is an Advanced Difficulty track exclusive to Bloons Tower Defense 5 Deluxe. As its name suggests, the setting of the track is seven grassy floating islands. Bloons spawn from a waterfall at the top-left corner and follow a path, in the form of a rainbow winding through the islands, to the end. However, blimps spawn above the waterfall. There is a section of land at the bottom-right corner that can be used for Banana Farms, Dartlings, Sniper Monkeys, Spactories and Mortar Towers.

What is unique about this track is that after every round, the seven circular islands will change positions in a heptagram formation (3 spaces counterclockwise). Any towers placed on the islands will also be relocated. This can easily mess up strategies that require accurate placement, i.e. Spike Factories and MOAB Maulers. However, because of this, you can be able to place temples extremely close to each other. This can also make for odd looking tower arrangements. If you wish for a tower to be put in a stationary position, it is recommended to place it on the bottom-right island.



  • This track can be confusing because of moving islands.
    • For this reason, Farms, Spike Factories, Snipers, Dartlings, and Mortars on the lower right stretch of ground are among the most reliable towers to place here.
  • Sometimes, this track may cause towers to float in the middle.