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Sniper, Monkey Sub & Monkey Buccaneer attack 10% faster when set to 'Last' taregting priority.
~ In-game description

Flanking Maneuvers is an upgrade in the Military Monkey Knowledge tree, added in Version 22.0. It increases attack speed for Sniper Monkeys, Monkey Subs, and Monkey Buccaneers set on the Last target priority by +10%. It requires eight military knowledge points invested, Quad Burst, Trade Agreements, and a one-time purchase of BloonjaminsIcon500.



Flanking Maneuvers adds a viable option to attack faster at the cost of setting a Military Monkey on Last. It is generally most useful on cases where not putting on any other targeting would make little of a difference than the +10% attack speed. There are also several tricks that can be done to take advantage of the conditional attack speed bonus, such as desyncing Snipers or just outputting more damage. Note that most of the time Last is not the best target option, so do not always let Military Monkeys be placed on Last; use good judgement to decide whether it is beneficial to use the faster Last or not.


  • The best interactions for Flanking Maneuvers include all Sniper Monkeys, Monkey Subs with Airburst Darts or above, and Aircraft Carriers and Carrier Flagships. For Aircraft Carriers and Carrier Flagships in particular, the attack speed bonus also affects mini-planes, and placing either on Last will hardly affect their other main attacks.
  • This MK can be useful in Race Events enabling Monkey Buccaneers or Monkey Subs, as they can be placed on Last to gain the attack speed boost. Because bloons can be densely clumped by sending rounds, the affected Military Monkeys set on Last will pop bloons faster, as attacks miss less often anyway versus grouped bloons.
  • If Maim MOAB Snipers are attacking synchronously, which is generally undesirable, one of them can be temporarily set to Last to force the Sniper to alternate attacks. The same can be applied to other Snipers, although this strategy has the greatest effect on Maim MOABs.
  • Flanking Maneuvers is highly effective on Flooded Valley, as the lanes intersect with each other. This is especially true for Airburst Darts strategies for the early-game.
  • If a Maim MOAB is stalling a ZOMG for too long, simply target Last to pop the ZOMG faster.
  • If there is literally only one bloon on screen, there is almost no downside to setting all targetable Military Monkeys on Last.
  • Making most of the stronger-tier towers by setting them on Last can maximize their own damage output. Let other defenses target the bloons in front.
  • In some cases, Shrapnel Shot Snipers placed such they are with the track direction can be set on Last to benefit from this MK more than similar Snipers placed against the track direction.
  • Flanking Maneuvers also affects Navarch of the Seas, resulting in a large amount of extra DPS.

Version History[]

  • Released
  • BUFF Flanking Maneuvers now works on the Navarch of the Seas



  • The military term "flanking maneuver" refers to military movement around enemy flanks to gain a positional advantage in battle.
    • Flanking is a type of military strategy that involves sideline defense. The terms "flank" and "flanking" are also used in sport terminology and gaming terminology to refer to very similar concepts.