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The ruler of the Fire Kingdom won't tolerate invaders, inflatable or not. FP believes in raw firepower and she's ready to bring the heat.
~ BATTD description
Hurls devastating fireballs at the bloons.
~ Short description

Flame Princess (shortened to FP) is a Hero in Bloons Adventure Time TD. She is unlocked by completing every map of the Burning Rubber adventure on any difficulty (previously Hard or higher). She attacks by shooting fireballs that home in on Bloons, with the type of seeking similar to that of Monkey Sub's homing darts (Adora from Bloons TD 6 later also uses a similar base attack, albeit using Aggressive Seeking). As with all the BATTD Heroes, only one Flame Princess can be used at any time by the player. She costs $900 to place.




  • Fires seeking fireballs


  • Expensive


Icon hungry flames
Hungry Flames
COST: $230
Description: Fireballs are faster and more accurate
Effect: Fireballs gain twice the turn speed (Aggressive Seeking)
Icon bigger blaze
Bigger Blaze
COST: $350
Upgrade(s) Required:
Hungry Flames
Description: FP throws bigger fireballs
Effect: Fireballs have +100% projectile size and +4 pierce
Icon fire burst
COST: $1,000
Upgrade(s) Required:
Bigger Blaze
Description: Additional fireballs burst from the original ones
Effect: Main fireballs split into 3 Fireballs once they are expended
Icon elemental transformation
Elemental Transform
COST: $5,000
Requires Star Level 7+

Upgrade(s) Required:
Fire Trap
Description: Ability: FP transforms into a deadly Fire Elemental
Effect: Fireball attack speed is tripled. Adds a scratching attack that replaces Heat Ray and deals 18 base plasma damage with 4 pierce and 0.5s cooldown. Lasts 12 seconds, 25 second cooldown.
Icon fire sword
Fire Sword
COST: $280
Description: FP slashes Bloons with a flaming sword
Effect: An additional attack within 25 range that deals 2 damage and pierces 8 bloons every 2.1s
Icon flame thrower
COST: $1,200
Upgrade(s) Required:
Fire Sword
Description: FP projects a nonstop stream of fire
Effect: Replaces Fire Sword with a fast firing attack that fires once deals 1 damage every 0.15 seconds and pierces 3 bloons
Icon heat ray
Heat Ray
COST: $1,500
Requires Star Level 5+

Upgrade(s) Required:
Description: The fire stream attack does higher damage and has better range
Effect: Flamethrower attack now extends to FP's range, pierces 4 bloons, and hits once every 0.07 seconds
Icon royal fury
Royal Fury
COST: $1,200
Needs Fire Crown equipped!
Description: FP and nearby Allies attack faster
Effect: FP and all allies within her range have +15% attack speed
Icon flamebits
COST: $700
Description: Turns nearby Bloons into traitorous Flamebits!
Effect: Every 3.4 seconds, transforms a non-MOAB bloon (including purples) into a Flamebit that sprints down the track towards the entrance, popping bloons as it goes with 2 base damage, 12 pierce, cannot damage purples
Icon heat sense
Heat Sense
COST: $350
Requires Star Level 3+

Upgrade(s) Required:
Description: FP can detect Camo Bloons
Effect: +10 range and gains camo detection
Icon fire trap
Fire Trap
COST: $2,600
Upgrade(s) Required:
Description: Creates burning fire traps on the track
Effect: Spawns a fire trap on a random location of the track within FP's range with 4s attack cooldown, 1 fire damage, and 150 pierce, functions as a Spike Pile attack and can damage the same target multiple times. Only one can be out at a time, unless Fire Kingdom Scepter ie equipped, which allows for a second Fire Trap. If a purple bloon touches it, the trap will be destroyed even if it still has pierce.

Star Boost[]

FP will receive the following permanent boosts as she levels up:

  • 2 stars - Base range increased by 2
  • 4 stars - Base range increased by 2
  • 6 stars - Base attack pierce increased by 2
  • 8 stars - Base range increased by 2
  • 9 stars - Base attack cooldown decreased by 0.2*
  • 10 stars - Base attack fires 2 fireballs per shot

*Shows "attack speed increased by X" in the official patch notes and in the game - this is misleading. The attack speed stat is the inverse of attack cooldown.


When placed:

When selected:

When upgraded:

When a MOAB Class Bloon appears:

When a MOAB Class Bloon pops:

When a Bloon leaks:

When activating ability:


She is a powerful early-game tower, because of her high pierce, seeking projectiles, and a camo detection upgrade at level 3. Her power is further augmented by Trinkets like the speed-boosting Baker's Shard, speed upgrade unlocking Fire Crown and the damage-boosting Engineers Blueprints. While she can pop Lead Bloons, she cannot pop Purple Bloons. Flame Princess is the ideal candidate for the Thought Cannon Wand due to her high-pierce seeking attacks with long range. Her MOAB damage is not great if she cannot get her firebursts, so she can fall off later on until she reaches level 10.

Her build is largely the same and is about maximizing her attack speed so she can shoot as many fireballs as possible. Early on, Giant Tranq or Wizard Nunchuks are recommended for letting her stall DDTs. Later on, she should prioritize stacking as much attack speed as possible with Engineers Blueprints for the most damage possible. For single-target damage, her pierce should be kept as low as possible so that her fireburst occurs earlier. Note that her ability will not shoot an extra fireball at level 10, so she is actually best kept without the ability if she is level 10. Alternatively, she can also use Abracadaniel's Wand so that she can clean up non-BAD bloons and let other towers prioritize BADs in Martian Games, if players do not need Thought Cannon Wand or Treasure Chest Keys loot.

Version History[]




Unlocking and Upgrading[]



  • If the player waits on the character screen, Flame Princess crosses her arms and looks around with a disgusted expression.
    • This idle animation can also be seen ingame from a different angle.
  • There is a hidden achievement in BATTD that players can unlock by having Finn, Princess Bubblegum and Flame Princess on the map at the same time.
    • When done, players get an achievement named "Awkward...". It gives the player an uncommon Wish Orb.