Flame Princess is a Hero found in Bloons Adventure Time TD. She is unlocked by completing every level of the Burnin' Rubber adventure on any difficulty. She attacks by shooting fireballs that home in on Bloons, with a similar base attack to Adora from Bloons TD 6. As with all the BATTD Heroes, only one Flame Princess can be used at any time by the player. She costs $900 to place.

Statistic[edit | edit source]

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

  • Hungry Flames: Fireballs are faster and more accurate.
    • Bigger Blaze: FP throws bigger fireballs.
      • Fireburst: Additional fireballs burst from the original ones.
  • Fire Sword: FP slashes Bloons with a flaming sword.
    • Flamethrower: FP projects a nonstop stream of fire.
      • Heat Ray: The fire stream attack does higher damage and has better range. (Requires Level 5+)
  • Royal Fury (needs Fire Crown equipped): FP and nearby Allies attack faster.
  • Flamebits: Turns nearby Bloons into traitorous Flamebits!
    • Heat Sense: FP can detect Camo Bloons. (Requires Level 3+) (Hidden: At higher star levels, also increases range)
    • Fire Trap: Creates burning fire traps on the track.
      • Elemental Transform (Ability): FP transforms into a deadly Fire Elemental. (Requires Level 7 and both Fire Trap and Fireburst.)

Star Boost[edit | edit source]

FP will receive the following permanent boosts as she levels up:

  • 2 stars - Base range increased by 2
  • 4 stars - Base range increased by 2
  • 6 stars - Base attack pierce increased by 2
  • 8 stars - Base range increased by 2
  • 9 stars - Base attack speed increased by 0.2
  • 10 stars - Base attack fires 2 fireballs per shot

Quotes[edit | edit source]

When Placed:

  • "Things are about to heat up!"
  • "Say hello to the princess of flames!"
  • "Hey bloons, time for a warm hug."
  • "This is really weird." (when placed in Fire Trap)

When Selected:

  • "Light 'em up!"
  • "Let's burn!"
  • "So ready!"
  • "What's up?"
  • "Yeah?"
  • "Ow!"
  • "You want me to burn your fingers?" (when annoyed)

When Upgraded:

  • "Warm and fuzzy!"
  • "Heating up!"
  • "Hot stuff!"

When MOAB-Class Bloons Appear:

  • "You'll burn just like the others!"

When MOAB-Class Bloons Are Popped:

  • "Can't handle the heat!"

When Bloons Leak:

  • "They're burning a hole at our defenses!"

When Activating an Ability:

  • "Feel the power of destruction!" (Elemental Transform)

Strategies[edit | edit source]

She is very powerful with Heat Ray, Baker's Shard and Engineers Blueprints.In a send in the clones MG, She can beat a round 33 BAD without fireburst or Elemental Transformation using the mentioned strategy.

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Unlocking and Upgrading[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is a hidden achievement in BATTD that players can unlock by having Finn, Princess Bubblegum and Flame Princess on the map at the same time.
    • When done, players get an achievement named "Awkward...". It gives the player an uncommon Wish Orb.
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