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Monkey Farmers have larger radius.
~ In-game description

Fit Farmers is an upgrade in the Powers Monkey Knowledge Tree. It allows Banana Farmers to gain +20% range (60 to 72). It requires three points to be invested in the Powers Knowledge Tree, requires Powerful Monkey Storm unlocked, as well as BloonjaminsIcon250 as a one-time purchase.



With this MK Banana Farmer can collect Farms from a wider range, making it more convenient for the Farmer to collect bananas around the Farms.


  • While this affects Banana Farmer, it does not affect Monkey Wall Street, which functions almost identically to a Banana Farmer.
  • Try estimate the Fit Farmers range as a Crossbow that contains a higher-level See Invisibility Potion (Geraldo item). This roughly simulates a Banana Farmer, and can be adjusted to add a Village or not.



  • Fit Farmers is the only Powers MK that involves range increases.