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Fire Trap is the third track under the adventure Burning Rubber.


This track contains two paths each from a cave as entrances and both path's exits are at the bottle holding Flame Princess captive. Flame Princess will first be seen charging inside the bottle, and when she finishes charging (standing up), she can be tapped, unleashing fire rings from the volcanoes on both sides that deals damage to the Bloons, similar to Tack Shooter's Ring of Fire upgrade. She then begins recharging before being able to use the fire ring attack again. The Bloons always appear from both entrances simultaneously.


  • Normal: TBA
  • Hard: TBA
  • Extreme: TBA
  • Impoppable: TBA


Upon loading the track for the first time, there is a transcript that leads to the track:

[Finn (left) and Flame Princess (right) enter, with FP sitting down]

Finn: Flame Princess, there you are!

Flame Princess: Finn! Help I'm trapped.

Finn: Can't you just blast your way out of there?

Flame Princess: The lamp is making me feel weak. I can't escape.

Finn: [returns with Scarlet] Hold tight, we'll get you out of there!

Placing down Flame Princess (which can only be done after beating the map beforehand) makes her say "This is really weird."


  • When bloons leak, the lamp that holds FP captive jiggles.
  • FP says "This is really weird." in response to placement in Fire Trap. This is obviously because the Flame Princess is aware that there is another Flame Princess in the lamp.