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For the upgrade of the same name in BATTD, see Flame Princess#Fire Sword.

An enchanted sword found in a forest. Not recommended for a romantic gift.
~ BATTD description

Fire Sword is a Super Rare weapon in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It has a special property to burn bloons for 4 seconds. Can be equipped by Finn, Dungeon Finn and Warrior Bubblegum.


It is a sword with a hot orange color with design on the blade that resembles fire or lava. When you move a charecter that holds it around before placing them , it has cool animation of flame reacting by going the opposite direction from direction charecter is moving to.

Special Properties[]

Equipped character can pop lead and frozen bloons.

Add burning effect on bloons that damage it one layer per second for 4 seconds. Does not affect MOABs class bloons. Burning effect can pop ghost bloons. Burning doesn't benefit from Banana Replicator bonus.