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Flies fast and launches anti-MOAB missiles.
~ BTD6 Description

Fighter Plane is the third upgrade in Path 1 for the Monkey Ace in BTD6. In addition to increasing its flight speed, it shoots 2 powerful seeking missiles at MOAB-class Bloons, inflicting 18 damage each to up to 4 blimps each (6 with Exploding Pineapple) and come with a blast radius of 30 (34.5 with Exploding Pineapple). These anti-MOAB missiles attack every 4.0s and only trigger if MOAB-class bloons are on screen, and are locked to Strong.

It costs $850 on Easy, $1,000 on Medium, $1,080 on Hard, and $1,200 on Impoppable.



Fighter Plane is a good option for handling early MOAB-class bloons by regularly shooting anti-MOAB missiles. They are not as efficient as MOAB Maulers, but they have the advantage of infinite range that MOAB Maulers lack while still not requiring ability use.


  • Fighter Plane can be used to break open the layers of early MOABs. To optimize it fully, however, micromanagement with adjusting Ace targeting should be done to make better use of its darts.
  • There are many advantages of Fighter Plane when compared to the MOAB Mauler. Fighter Plane is able to shoot seeking anti-MOAB missiles at any distance without Line of Sight problems, despite not being very effective against grouped MOAB-class and being only a few hundred dollars more expensive.
  • It should be noted that the anti-MOAB missiles are shot every 4.0s. This is a lot slower than a MOAB Mauler, and its single-target blimp damage is rather low.
    • When calculated, the Fighter Plane's missile DPS versus MOAB-class is 9 compared to 22.22 for MOAB Maulers.

Version History[]

Fighter Plane has overall been nerfed since it was first released, mainly to counteract its efficiency versus single-target MOABs versus MOAB Mauler before it was nerfed.

  • Nerf Fighter Plane missile rate reduced from 3 to 4 seconds.
  • Buff Fighter Plane missile pierce increased from 1 to 3.
  • Nerf Fighter Plane missile damage reduced 25 → 18.
  • Buff Monkey Ace dart projectile size increased (2 → 3).
Monkey Ace has had an overall rework to a lot of different upgrades in order to highlight the x1x Exploding Pineapples upgrade as a buff to all explosives, [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Exploding Pineapples crosspathing buff
  • Buff Fighter Plane missiles pierce increased from 3 -> 4. Operation Dart Storm Missiles pierce remains 4.
  • Buff 3-1-0 Fighter Plane missiles pierce increased from 3 -> 6
  • Buff 3-1-0 Fighter Plane missiles radius increased from 30 -> 34.5
More of a straight quality of life, Ace has gained a new special toggle button to allow it to turn back and fly in reverse on any selected flight pattern. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Reverse Flight
  • Buff Monkey Ace can now toggle flight direction for any pattern.


Official artwork[]


  • It is possible for the missiles to circle around M.O.A.B. Class Bloons.
    • However if there are no M.O.A.B. Class Bloons and the missiles are shot out, they will keep circling around and eventually disappear.
  • The Fighter Plane's pilot actually wears the goggles on its woolen hat.
  • The only Tier 3 Monkey Ace upgrade to only have a front propeller as the plane's driving force is the Fighter Plane. Bomber Ace swaps the front propeller for two side propellers, while Neva-Miss Targeting adds two jet engines alongside retaining the front propeller.
  • Before Version 17.0, one Fighter Plane is almost always able to break open the outer Fortified MOAB layer of the Round 40 Fortified MOAB in Alternate Bloons Rounds, though it needs additional assistance to pop the Fortified Ceramic children efficiently since it cannot defeat the Fortified Ceramics by itself.