For the Boomerang Thrower upgrade, see Faster Throwing (Boomerang Thrower).
Throws acid and potions faster.
~ Faster Throwing upgrade description

Faster Throwing is a Path 3, Tier 2 upgrade for the Alchemist. As stated in its name, it allows the Alchemist to throw acid and potions 25% faster.

It costs $500 on Medium.


For a simple upgrade, Faster Throwing is a powerful upgrade for the Alchemist. Instead of just being an offensive boost akin to most of the other tier 1 and 2 upgrades, this upgrade allows for the increased throwing of acid and potions, allowing for more powerful upgrades to be pumped out faster. Hence, Acidic Mixture Dip, Berserker Brew and Stronger Stimulant can be applied to more towers and allows them to be more consistently empowered at a time, allowing for the Alchemist to increase in performance quite dramatically when following Path 1. For example, a 4/0/2 Alchemist with Jungle Drums can reliably buff 3 towers within its range as opposed to 2.

In combination with Path 2, it can also stand its grounds against a larger splash by inadvertently integrating Acid Pools, now themselves applying Unstable Concoction to MOABs. On top of a greater fire rate, it very much rivals a greater area of effect in practice.


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