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For the Monkey Buccaneer counterpart, see Faster Shooting (BTD5 Monkey Buccaneer) and Faster Shooting (BTD6 Monkey Buccaneer).

Faster Shooting is the 1st upgrade to the Tack Shooter in every Bloons TD game to date.

Bloons TD 5[]

In Bloons TD 5, Faster Shooting is the 1st of 4 upgrades on path 1, as upgrades were changed in BTD5 to be 8 upgrades over 2 paths (4 upgrades in each path), costing $180 on Easy, $210 on Medium, $225 on Hard and $250 on Impoppable.


Bloons TD 5 Flash[]

Bloons TD 5 Mobile[]

Bloons Monkey City[]


  • In Bloons TD5, the artwork for Faster Shooting depicted three tacks laid out, but in the actual game, there are two tacks in an "X" shape.
    • The same goes for Even Faster Shooting, but in a reversed manner.
    • Faster and Even Faster Shooting is VERY useful for a Blade Shooter.