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For the BTD6 Buccaneer counterpart, see Faster Shooting (BTD6 Monkey Buccaneer).
For the Tack Shooter counterpart, see Faster Shooting (BTD1-BTD5 Tack Shooter) and Faster Shooting (BTD6 Tack Shooter).
~ BTD5 description
Shoots its big darts faster.
~ BTDB Steam description

Faster Shooting is the 1st upgrade of path 1 for the Monkey Buccaneer, appearing in Bloons Tower Defense 5, Bloons Tower Defense Battles, and Bloons Monkey City. This upgrade gives the Monkey Buccaneer a 30% faster fire rate of shooting.

It costing $340 on Easy, $400 on Medium, $430 on Hard and $480 on Impoppable.

This upgrade gives the Monkey Buccaneer a pirate flag, but the flag will disappear if you purchase any tier 2 upgrade.