For the BTD6 Sniper upgrade, see Fast Firing.
For the Mortar upgrade, see Rapid Reload.
"Faster Firing" redirects here. For the Heli Pilot upgrade, see Faster Firing (Heli Pilot upgrade).
Allows Sniper to shoot faster.
~ Official Description
Faster firing btd5

Faster Firing icon in BTD5

Faster Firing is the first upgrade on Path 2 for the Sniper Monkey. It costs $340 on Easy, $400 on Medium, $430 on Hard and $480 on Impoppable. It increases the attack speed of the Sniper Monkey, allowing him to fire exactly 1.4 times as fast. It is overall a relatively useful upgrade because non-upgraded Sniper Monkeys attack quite slow. This Sniper Monkey upgrade changes the DPS of the Sniper Monkey by about 40%, which may not seem like a huge difference, but it is.

In BTD6, this upgrade returns as Fast Firing. See more about it on this page.


Turns the green hat into a grey hat. No other changes occur. In BTD5, it turns the green hat into a blue hat.



  • Combining this with Path 1 Upgrades can be really helpful for later rounds.

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