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Increased efficiency allows the Engineer to produce sentries, foam and bloon traps more often.
~ In-game description

Faster Engineering is the Tier 2 upgrade of Path 1 for the Engineer Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It increases the production speed of sentries from every 10.0s to every 6.0s. This allows up to 4-5 Sentries to be placed on the map at once per Engineer (5-6 Sentries with the "Vigilant Sentries" Monkey Knowledge upgrade), ignoring attack speed bonuses. This upgrade also increases the rate of producing Cleansing Foam and reduces cooldowns for new Bloon Traps. For these contraptions, their attack speed is increased by +66%, equivalent to an attack cooldown reduction of 40%.

It costs $340 on Easy, $400 on Medium, $430 on Hard, and $480 on Impoppable.



Engineers with Faster Engineering sport a downward-pointing green chevron on their helmet, and the combination wrench they wield now has a red handle.

This remains true for all upgrades using it as a crosspath.



Faster Engineering improves the attack speed of Engineer's contraptions, more specifically sentries, Cleansing Foam globs, and generating new Bloon Traps. It increases the overall offensive power of the Engineer by a fair amount.


  • As Sentries no longer consume footprint, it should no longer be a problem to increase production speed of sentry-building without interrupting placement of other towers.
  • All alternate attacks are deployed at a +66% attack rate, and does not affect Engineer's main attack.
  • Note that Sentries still last for up to 25 seconds, unless the necessary MK is bought.
  • Cooldown for replacing a new trap remains capped at 2.8s. The bonus production speed for Traps applies only to the stockpiled traps within the Engineer; no traps in the stockpile leads to requiring extended time to make a new trap. Reducing that continuously running cooldown from 12s to 7.2s is most helpful for increasing rate of constantly filled traps.

Version History[]

Faster Engineering had a similar problem with the Sentry Gun upgrade when the Engineer was first released into the game, as the sentry damage output was too low at the time. In later updates, Sentry Guns were buffed, making the Faster Engineering upgrade more useful too. As for the Faster Engineering upgrade itself, it now has a special interaction with other contraptions that increases attack speed of them.

  • Buff Standard Sentry pierce increased from 1 to 2. (Inherited from Sentry Gun).
Engineer is quite poor in terms of crosspathing, so we've added crosspath benefits to Cleansing Foam as well as an overall price buff to the middle crosspathing upgrades. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Cleansing Foam
  • Buff 2-3-0 Faster Engineering increases Cleansing Foam rate by +66% (2s → 1.2s).
  • Description changed from "Increased build speed produces sentries more often." to "Increased efficiency produces sentries more often and Foam faster."
    • Reflected 21.0 crosspathing change.
Sentry Expert has underperformed for a while, so we're adding solid crosspathing buffs to all Sentries. [...] Finally last update we allowed Bloontrap to be set multiple times per round, and we wanted to stay on the side of caution with a long cooldown, but after seeing it in the wild we are happy to make this cooldown faster.
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Deconstruction crosspath and trap bonus increase
  • Buff 2-2-0 Deconstruction now applies to sentries.
  • Buff 2-0-4 Bloon Trap deployment rate bonus increased (+25% → +66%).
24.0 (description change when?)
  • Description changed from "Increased efficiency produces sentries more often and Foam faster." to "Increased efficiency allows the Engineer to produce sentries, foam and bloon traps more often." to reflect trap speed.


When a sentry is placed:


Official artwork[]


  • The BTD5 version of this upgrade is named "Fast Engineering" without the "-er" suffix.
  • The Faster Engineering Engineer appears on the Bloons TD 6+ animated cover art. The monkey appears to be looking around to his left and upwards in a rather worried expression. His arms and feet move accordingly to the direction of vertical leviation.