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Makes gun fire much faster.
~ In-game description

Faster Barrel Spin is the Tier 2 upgrade of Path 2 for the Dartling Gunner in Bloons TD 6. It increases the fire rate of the Dartling Gunner by +50%, firing darts every 0.133s instead of 0.2s. Because it inherits properties of Advanced Targeting, a Dartling Gunner with Faster Barrel Spin can pop camo bloons by default.

It costs $805 on Easy, $950 on Medium, $1,025 on Hard, and $1,140 on Impoppable.



The triangle emblem, as well as the barrels, are painted light green; the monkey now wears black gloves. All of these things apply if used as a crosspath.


This upgrade makes the Dartling shoot 50% faster (0.133s attack cooldown as opposed to 0.2s). For Buckshot, the attack cooldown decreases from 1.5s to 1.0s. BADS attack cooldown decreases from 0.375s to 0.25s, while BEZ attack cooldown decreases from 0.25s to 0.167s.

Since it comes after Advanced Targeting, it automatically has Camo Detection.

Targeting Priorities[]

Faster Barrel Spin customly aims based on direction and angle of where the Dartling points towards. It shoots straight movement projectiles controlled in a aim-based mobile style guided by touch-based mobility, albeit with some erratic angular deviation.

  • Normal: Rotates towards the direction of where the player last tapped. On desktop versions, always rotates towards direction of the cursor inside the game.
  • Locked: Locks the Dartling in place. By default, locks at center of map, but can be adjusted in the same way as a Mortar Monkey. On desktop versions, using a hotkey to switch to Locked will default to wherever the mouse currently is pointing.

Since all Dartlings already attack based on custom aim, Dartlings don't receive Camo Prioritization even with Advanced Targeting.



Faster Barrel Spin increases the attack speed of the Dartling Gunner by a considerable amount, making a well-placed Dartling Gunner with this upgrade more reliable than multiple base Dartling Gunners versus single targets. In addition, it is cost-efficient for a Dartling Gunner to use this upgrade as the crosspath with other upgrades, especially the Dartling Gunner's adjacent Tier 3 upgrades Laser Cannon and Buckshot.


  • This upgrade should be bought in combination with other upgrades.
  • Faster Barrel Spin with Focused Firing can hit single targets at a faster rate with higher accuracy, while adding Laser Shock adds a slight damage-over-time effect to damaged bloons.
    • On the other hand, Faster Barrel Spin with Powerful Darts is effective at popping larger groups of bloons.

Version History[]

  • Initial release


Official artwork[]


  • Faster Barrel Spin is the only attack speed upgrade whose preceding upgrade is a camo detection upgrade.
  • The only new Tier 2 upgrade with purely attack speed bonus to have its own upgrade price higher than the base cost of the original tower belongs to this upgrade, Faster Barrel Spin.
  • Faster Barrel Spin's upgrade portrait makes appearance on the front cover for Ninja Kiwi's official Version 22.0 update video.