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Makes the Beekeeper attack much faster.
~ Bloons TD 4 Mobile Description

Fast Deploy is the first upgrade for the Beekeeper in Bloons TD 4. It is unlocked with the tower itself. The upgrade increases the attack speed of the Beekeeper itself by ~42%, but it will NOT increase the tick rate of the Bee (damage over time, only carries over to 1 child bloon, vanishes against frozen or lead, 1 damage every 0 bee status effect.

This upgrade costs $255 on Easy, $300 on Medium, and $325 on Hard.


Attacks +42% faster, equivalent to 0.70x attack cooldown. The attack cooldown of the Beekeeper without Jungle Drums decreases from 0.616s to 0.433s.

Targeting Priorities[]

Fast Deploy Beekeepers use the standard target priorities: First, Last, Weak, and Strong.

Beekeepers will not attack bloons that already have a bee attached and will instead prioritize attacking new ones. Their bee projectiles aggressively seek Aggressive Seeking whatever bloon the Beekeeper targeted. If this specific beekeeper has deployed 6 bees, then it will stop attacking.



This upgrade is useful if the Beekeeper is unable to keep pace with swarms of strong bloons.


  • If needing to apply more bees on more dense swarms of tougher bloons, this upgrade can help get more bees on the field faster.