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You may struggle to get past players' defenses without Yellow or Pink Bloons. Research Fast Bloons now from your Bloon Research Lab.
~ "Monkey V Monkey" Quest description

Fast Bloons is the umbrella term for the fast-moving non-MOAB-class bloons. They include the Yellow Bloons, Pink Bloons, and Purple Bloons. Their special powers are being super fast and are some of the first bloons to be a real threat to the defense (plus Purple bloons are immune to heat, plasma, and energy). The Fast Bloons group does not include the DDT, because it is a MOAB-class bloon. In Bloons Monkey City, Fast Bloons is also the name of the upgrade which researches Yellow and Pink Bloons.



Even a Technological Terror may have trouble with Pink Bloons!

Their main strength is that they all move super fast, which can make it hard for slow towers to catch up with them. All Fast Bloons have these properties in common:

  • They move at a very fast speed. Yellow Bloons have 3.2 the speed of a Red Bloon, while Pink Bloons have 3.5 the speed of a Red Bloon.
  • They are all non-MOAB-class. That means DDTs are not listed here.
  • Except for the Purple Bloon, they do not spawn multiple children when popped. A Pink splits to a single Yellow and a Yellow splits to a single Green. Thus, when leaked only lose 4 lives are lost for a Yellow Bloon or 5 lives lost for a Pink Bloon.



Fast Bloons are difficult to catch, as their high speeds make them deadly against slow-attacking towers and attacks with poor accuracy. A fast-attacking tower with high accuracy may be optimal against Fast Bloons.


  • Ninja Monkeys with Seeking Shuriken can chase down the Fast Bloons.
  • Other projectiles, like monkey sub darts, that home or insta-hit or kill are useful.
  • Snipers are useful because they reduce multiple layers from bloons and never miss. This makes them useful for reducing Fast Bloons into weaker, slower bloons.
  • Wizard Monkey's Lightning Bolt also a good defense against grouped or even clustered Fast Bloons(ex. Round 36).


  • This term is a confirmed term from Bloons Monkey City. The research for Fast Bloons for Monkey vs Monkey features that name.
  • DDTs are equally as fast as Pink Bloons and can be faster when going in the very late rounds.