Extreme Difficulty is a difficulty in Bloons Adventure Time TD. There are 60 rounds to beat, and beating this mode for the first time awards the player with a Gold Medal and a Gold Chest. Completing all tracks in an adventure on Extreme Difficulty awards a Gold Adventure Chest. Extreme Difficulty is the second hardest difficulty in BATTD, next to Impoppable. The highest Bloon rank on this mode to appear is the ZOMG, and it appears on the last round, similar to the Hard Difficulty in other BTD games where the player is also rewarded with Gold Medal. The BFB also makes its first appearance on Round 53. Besides, there are various difficulty modifiers for each track, including the easiest tracks like Candy Throne Room. It's recommended to have upgrades that are useful against heavily packed Bloons and/or MOAB-Class Bloons as well as stronger Weapons and Trinkets before attempting this difficulty.

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