For the Bloons Adventure Time TD difficulty, see Extreme Difficulty (BATTD).
  • Main Street, an Extreme track
  • Bloontonium Lab, an Extreme track
  • Tar Pits, an Extreme track
  • The Extreme Difficulty tracks as seen in the Tracks menu.
  • Toxic Waste, an Extreme Track added in BTD5 Mobile

Extreme Difficulty is a Track Difficulty added to Bloons TD 5 on April 4, 2012. In order to play on any difficulty, Monkey Money must be paid. When the player completes the Track, they will receive a large amount of Awesome Points and a massive XP reward instead of Monkey Money (unless you are playing on Deluxe). Interim saves are disabled for Extreme Difficulty tracks.

The icons for the three difficulties are the Sniper Monkey with Point Five Oh upgrade, the Ray of Doom and the Sun God/Temple of The Monkey God head, respectively.

In BTD4, Extreme Difficulty tracks are simply marked as extremely difficult tracks, and fortunately do not cost anything to enter.

In BTD6, there does not exist Extreme Difficulty, although the harder sets of Expert Difficulty Maps are considered "Extreme" to some extent.



Extreme Track Rules and Rewards

Currently, 5 Bloons TD 4 and 4 Bloons TD 5 Extreme Difficulty (one of them is added in and is exclusive to Bloons TD 5 Mobile) tracks exist:


Track Attempt Costs Reward on Easy Reward on Medium Reward on Hard Reward on Impoppable
Main Street Monkey Dollar25 100,000 XP
AwesomeIcon50, Monkey Dollar900 or Token6
250,000 XP
AwesomeIcon125, Monkey Dollar1,200 or Token7
500,000 XP
AwesomeIcon250, Monkey Dollar1,800 or Token8
Bloontonium Lab Monkey Dollar50 250,000 XP
AwesomeIcon100, Monkey Dollar900 or TokenTBA
500,000 XP
AwesomeIcon250, Monkey Dollar1,200 or TokenTBA
1,000,000 XP
AwesomeIcon500, Monkey Dollar1,800 or TokenTBA
Tar Pits Monkey Dollar50 300,000 XP
AwesomeIcon150 or TokenTBA
700,000 XP
AwesomeIcon300 or TokenTBA
1,500,000 XP
AwesomeIcon600 or TokenTBA

Note: Monkey Money rewards are exclusive to Deluxe, while Awesome Points awards are for the online version only. Also note that Impoppable Difficulty and Tokens are only available at BTD5 Mobile and BTD5 Steam.There's also a very unfair division of rewards, as the shown there are only for computer version, while mobile version has lower rewards (50 000/100 000/150 000/200 000 XP) for difficulties: Easy/Normal/Hard/Impoppable.



The unreleased Extreme Difficulty icon in BTD6

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