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Dart Monkeys get +1 pierce to all shots.
~ In-game description

Extra Dart Pops is an upgrade in the Primary Monkey Knowledge tree. It increases the pierce of all Dart Monkeys by +1. It does not have a prerequisite Monkey Knowledge requirement.



Extra Dart Pops adds a substantial power increase for Dart Monkeys, considering the low price of each Dart Monkey and a respectable 2 pierce at base, increasing it to 3 pierce with this MK Point active.


  • Spamming 0-0-0 Dart Monkeys in the early-game will be easier with this MK. Because of this, the player can greed income harder in the early-game with this MK Point active.
  • This is very helpful in combination with Bonus Monkey!, as the Dart Monkey will carry earlier rounds better. It would statistically be identical to a free 1-0-0 Dart Monkey.



  • Extra Dart Pops is equivalent to adding Sharp Shots for any Dart Monkey except for Crossbow Master, since the Crossbow Master's interaction with said upgrade is different.