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Level 11 Sauda dealing extra damage to a MOAB affected by 2-0-3 MOAB Glue and 0-2-2 Burny Stuff

Extra Damage to Harmed (also referred as Extra Damage to Status or Extra Damage to Afflicted) is an attack behavior characterized by dealing more damage than that tower's base damage to "harmed bloons" (bloons affected by any lingering on-bloon effects, such as speed inhibitors and/or damage-over-time) per hit. It is part of the damage types family.

Extra Damage to Harmed is represented on Bloons Wiki as Extra damage versus bloons inflicted by any valid status effect (unspecified damage), the Level 10 artwork for Sauda in Bloons TD 6, because she is the only one to have this property. Extra Damage to Harmed is simply a subset of Extra Damage Extra damage to all bloon types (unspecified damage). Sauda is the only one to have this property, and she was introduced since Version 24.0.

All attacks require an upgrade to deal more than one damage to Harmed per hit.

List status Effects that trigger Extra Damage to Harmed[]

Any "status effect" is considered a candidate for Extra Damage to Harmed. Note that in Sauda Level 11+'s case, her Extra Damage to Harmed specifically excludes Stun Stun (standard bloons, unspecified alt effect variant) (including Stun MOAB Stun (MOAB-class Bloons, unspecified alt effect variant)) and Bloon Bleed Bloon Bleed (unspecified alt variants).

Various Damage-Over-Time[]

Various Slowdown Effects[]



  • Ninja Kiwi's Version 27.0 patch notes refer "Harmed" bloons as "Afflicted" bloons.