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Deadly Precision one-shotting Fortified Ceramics, pre-Round 81

Extra Damage to Ceramics is a projectile behavior characterized by dealing more damage than that tower's base damage to Ceramic Bloons per hit. It is part of the damage types family.

Extra Damage to Ceramics is represented on Bloons Wiki as Extra damage versus Ceramics (unspecified damage), the upgrade icon for Deadly Precision in Bloons TD 6, which appears as if the attack appears to be "attempting to assassinate" a Ceramic Bloon (and the upgrade does extra ceramic damage anyways). Extra Damage to Ceramics is simply a subset of Extra Damage Extra damage to all bloon types (unspecified damage). Typical examples with Extra Damage to Ceramics include Deadly Precision, Spiked Balls, Juggernaut, and Heavy Shells. MOAB Mauler in Bloons TD 6 formerly could deal bonus Ceramic damage, but has since been eventually neutered. Bloon Solver also deals extra damage to Ceramics, but because that only applies to its status effect it is not included as such according to Bloons Wiki.

Most attacks require an upgrade to deal more than one damage to Ceramics per hit. Pat Fusty and Sauda are among the few to gain this by default. Heroes can also gain Weak Point to deal +1 damage to Ceramic by default. In BTD6 this Extra Damage also applies to Dreadbloon's shell.

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